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Your Self Worth
4 Week Online Program 

Commencing Wednesday 7th July  6:30pm 8:00pm
QLD (GMT+10)

Live on Zoom
or watch it in replay

Bookings Essential as places are limited

Weekly payments of $95 also available

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UNF#CK your self worth, self confidence and start loving who you are!


Are you ready to finally find some inner peace?


One of my favourite quotes by Robert Holden is: 

"No amount of self-improvement can ever make up for a lack of self-acceptance”


This four week online  transformation program will look at the reasons we struggle with the concept of     self-acceptance and self-love and will introduce you to a number of powerful transformative tools to change what for some has been a lifelong battle. Take back your sanity and get off the fucked up hamster wheel!

There are several keys to the process of Unfucking our lives, but the pivotal element is learning to unfuck our self worth, self esteem and self confidence!

As an empowered and successful woman the one thing that I have struggled with is self-acceptance and self-love. It is not easy in a world fuelled by requirements  and messages of “not enough” from the beauty, weight loss and fashion industry to stand proud and claim your body as acceptable let alone love your body when it doesn’t measure up to what society thinks is socially acceptable, beautiful or healthy..... but those days are largely behind me!

When we are running the ‘we are not enough program’ then it fucks with every single thing in our lives, from our relationships to our careers. Furthermore, it robs us of inner peace and the freedom to be who we are, as we are in this very moment.

This war that we as women face is not about a size, a shape or a number. It is much deeper and often intergenerational. The deepest part comes from the need to be loved and the need to be loved comes from our sense of worthiness.

Self-worth is the core of most our modern day issues as women. Our financial battles, come from our self-worth. You see you attract what you believe you are worth. This powerful sentiment spills over into our relationships, our jobs, our health, and our happiness.

Often we are tricked into believing false programs that state that being skinner, fitter, younger, beautiful will help us feel better only to find that when we arrive at that place we still have an emptiness or void deep inside us. Then sometimes we make the error in thinking that this void needs to be filled by something else, so the search begins for that person, that job or addiction to fill the void inside us and make us feel worthy or at least a cheap arse faulty version of worthy.

The issue with this is that even if you are fortunate enough to find that person, that job, that thing that can make you feel this way, it is a band-aid solution and no relationship, job or thing stand the enormous pressure of being responsible for someone else’s sense of self or self-worth.

So if you are ready to Unfuck this aspect of your life and stop being held hostage by some bullshit idea of how you should be, then this online workshop is for you.



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