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The fucktabulous Om the Fuck Down Colouring Books are hot off the press!!

There is actual research about the cognitive and meditative benefits to colouring, but I've taken it it one step further! There is something incredibly therapeutic about dedicating the "bless the f#ck knuckle" page to that special someone that manages to shit on your parade or colouring your way to feeling Unfuckwithable!

The Om The F#ck Down Adult Colouring Book is essential because life, events, people and situations can all cause a royal case of head f#ck!

So grab your copy (and be a great friend and grab your bestie a copy too), pour yourself a glass of your choice of beverage, shut out all the f#cktards, f#ck knuckles and annoying mother f#ckers and colour the f#ck out of the pages in this book as you Om the F#ck down!!

27 f#cktabulous pages with inspirational quotes to ponder whilst you colour.

Introductory Launch Price
Colouring Book $16.95*  

Gift Set (includes 12 Fine Tipped Markers) $21.90*

Printable eBook $15
*Postage and Handling is $12.95 (up to 5 books) or click and collect from Little Mountain (Sunshine Coast)

Postage and Handling in Australia is $12.95 for standard shipping delivery time. Express post and international shipping on application. You can purchase up to 5 books within the same postage price. Any additional postage incurred in the order will be refunded at the time of dispatch. 

Proudly 100% produced and printed here in Australia.       
These colouring books are proudly designed, printed and packaged here in Australia.  Whilst it is cheaper to print in China, I feel these cards have a higher purpose.  The Australian owned and run company used to produce my printed products supports marginalised young people to gain life skills and employment. I love that they healing cards help not only the people using them, but also many people here in Australia who need a little bit of support and guidance. 

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