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INSTRUCTION CARD B Intention of the Cards.jpg

Postage and Handling in Australia is $12.95 for standard shipping delivery time. Express post and international shipping on application. You can purchase up to 3 decks within the same postage price. If you are charged excess postage for additional decks please note this will be refunded as soon as the order is processed.

Proudly 100% produced and printed here in Australia.       These cards are proudly designed, printed and packaged here in Australia. They are not packaged in the traditional glossy hard top/bottom box because these are all printed and produced in China.  Whilst it is cheaper to print in China, I feel these cards have a higher purpose.  The Australian owned and run company used to produce my printed products supports marginalised young people to gain life skills and employment. I love that they healing cards help not only the people using them, but also many people here in Australia who need a little bit of support and guidance. 

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