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Book with Samantha are currently CLOSED for 2023

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**Bookings are currently closed for 2023**

Samantha has degrees in Psychology and Criminology from the University of Melbourne, has completed studies in Suicide Intervention and Prevention at Griffith University, in addition to gaining qualifications from Cornell University in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.


With an extensive history working in trauma management and intervention, grief and loss and addiction, Samantha became disillusioned with mainstream treatment models. Leaving the rigid frameworks of Psychology and trauma response behind, Samantha embarked on her own Spiritual journey.


Finally embracing her innate gifts of refined and accurate psychic intuition and healing abilities that surpassed explanation, which she had to repress and hide within the corporate jungle. 


For the past 13 years Samantha has been working as an 'Alternative Therapist', a Psychic Medium, Master Healer, Teacher and Life/Business Mentor. This has allowed her to work across the world with the freedom to combine her academia with her Spiritual gifts in ways that are more empowering, less traumatic and have transformation results for those she works with.

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Meet the Team

Meet Lisa, Chances are if you have made a booking with Samantha before, you've been chatting with Lisa (Samantha's Booking Admin and Virtual Assistant). Lisa keeps the booking cogs turning through SMS and DM chats. Juggling Samantha's bookings and ever changing workload is no easy feat, yet Lisa goes above and beyond to find solutions to insure that you get the earliest possible booking with Samantha. 



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