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Psychic answers to the questions keeping your stuck!

Sometimes we all get stuck at a crossroad or on a particular situation where some direction, guidance and clarity is exactly what we need. Don't have time or the need for a full psychic consultation, not a problem, now you can book a Psychic Quickie!

A Psychic Quickie is perfect if you have ONE question, that you really need to know about your life in order to move forward or know which direction to move toward. Best of all you don't even have to leave the house or your PJ's. You will get a written response via email of approximately 400 words within 3-5 business day (after payment is received) that will directly correlate to your ONE question. 

I was inspired to offer these Psychic Quickies for three reasons:

1. I know how much sleep and thought energy I can waste when I am stuck on one thing. I don't need a full reading, I just want someone I trust and who has credibility to offer me some clarity and/or reassurance on that particular issue/question/problem.

2. Although my prices are mid range compared to my colleagues, I know that there are lots of people who cannot afford to pay for a full session at the moment. I still want to be able to help those people, which is why I offer the free Facebook readings. The Psychic Quickie is a way of getting a specific psychic reading with me at an affordable price.

3. I often have a wait list for readings that means that you can't always get the answers you need from me quickly. Offering a turn around of 3 business day (most times quicker) with the Psychic Quickies means that I am able to respond with clarity/direction and guidance and get you moving forward faster.



Keep your questions short (one sentence) and to the point, remember this is a quickie! Your question should be short and to the point in one simple sentence.


Examples of good questions are: 

“Will I find my true love?" or "Should I leave my existing job?”


DO NOT ask questions like, “When will I fall in love, what will he look like and will he be rich?" or  "Should I leave my job; when will I get a new job and how much will I get paid?"


Whilst these are all valid questions, they constitute three questions which would be better answered in a full consultation with me. 

Other examples of good questions are:

  • Why do I feel stuck?

  • What is my Soul gift?

  • What are my blocks?

  • Will I find a loving partner?

  • Will I move house?

  • Will I get the job I am going for?

  • Is my mum/dad happy in the spirit world

  • What can you tell me about my relationship?  


Or pick an area you would like to ask about:

  • Health/Wellbeing

  • Spirituality

  • Finance

  • Relationships

  • Career/Calling

  • Family/Friends

  • Lifestyle

  • Travel/Adventure


I look forward to assisting you with a Psychic Quickie, which will provide clarity, direction and guidance. 



  • One question sent via the website.

  • Answers are approx 350-500 words.

  • Estimated question response is 3-5 business days once payment received. 

  • Payment by credit card or paypal.


Cost: $100 per question

Samantha Gillard
is renowned internationally for her genuine, accurate and heartfelt readings and transformational   healings. She has clients who rave about her all over the world.

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