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Crystals have never been more important!


We have never needed the healing energies of the sacred stones more than we do now. They have been calling to me again and my job is not to be the keeper of them to but to help them find their rightful guardians. Here is one thing you need to know about crystals, you never own them, they belong to the earth, you simply get to be a guardian on them.

I will be offering a unique service. My calling at this time is to help connect crystals to their guardians, so I will be working on behalf of people who feel called to purchase a crystal and I will go find the right crystal for them. I guess the last ten years of working full time as a psychic healer has prepared me well for this role.



Intuitive Crystal Selection

You set a budget (min $100) and you can tell me (if you know) what type of crystal you are looking for or what you need assistance with, I will then do a quarterly road trip to source you the exact crystal that is calling you. It's like a match maker service, but without the hassle of dating lol. You will receive a personalised message from your crystal and any information that I may get psychically for you in relation to being the guardian and recipient of healing from the crystal.

To engage my services in this way you simply need to fill out the form below and I will be in contact with you to arrange payment etc.

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