Sometimes we just need to vent, to get the thoughts out of our head, to have someone listen without judgement. Then once we've done this, we need someone to clear it, move it from our body & mind, so it is like a clean slate, a chance to start again. 


Samantha has a degree in Psychology and Criminology from the University of Melbourne, has completed studies in Suicide Intervention and Prevention at Griffith University, in addition to gaining qualifications from Cornell University in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Disillusioned with mainstream counselling practices, that often involved talking an issue to death but never really getting to the core in a timely manner, Samantha embarked on her own Spiritual journey, where she acknowledged what she had always known; she was a healer and psychic. This has allowed her to combine her academia with her Spiritual gifts to produce a holistic counselling modality that more empowering, less traumatic, less drawn out and has quicker and more dramatic results for those she works with.


Holistic Counselling Healing Sessions


Using a combination of traditional psychological therapies, Samantha has combined her academia & Spiritual gifts (Healing & Psychic Intuition) to produce a modality that is more empowering, less traumatic, less drawn out and has quicker results for those she works with. This modality allows people to live their potential with less effort and trauma than traditional counselling practices.


Through a combination of counselling, intuitive insight and direct energy healing, a session with Sam will assist to bring the mind, body and soul into balance and harmony by releasing and healing blockages and trauma within the mind, body & spirit. 


After a single session most people notice a significant change, with multiple sessions the results can literally be life changing.