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Because life doesn't always happen during business hours or according to schedule!

Sometimes (as I have learnt from experience) we need immediate assistance, be it guidance, clarity, support, healing or just some intuitive direction as to what is the best action to take in that given moment. The issue is most reputable and trustworthy practitioners will have a waiting list, as it is often weeks (sometimes more) before an appointment is available. By that time, you've either buried the issue, been impacted by it or still in a continuous state of stress and indecisiveness.

Sometimes you just need answers, clarity, direction and support right away. That is what this service is designed for. It is charged at a premium to by pass the waiting list and make you the priority.

SOS Phone/Zoom Appointments


MOST TIMES SAME DAY (if not within 24hrs)

TEXT SOS to 0400 119 064

WHATSAPP SOS to +61 400 119 064



A couple of years ago, I experienced something that shocked me to the core. It was after hours and I needed more than a friends caring ear. Although I can usually administer self healing, I simply was unable to get into the right head/heart space. The next day I attempted to make an appointment to see someone but just like myself, all of my trusted go to people had a waiting list of at least 2 to 3 weeks.

So I sucked it up, pushed it to the background of my mind and just got on with it... well at least that's what I thought!


You see, this nasty experience had not only wounded me, it had made me angry and I knew I had to deal with it but I had no other choice but to wait. Repressed emotion is super toxic to the body! Never underestimate the damage a unresolved repressed emotional wound can cause.


Within 2 weeks, I had felt disconnected, lethargic and depressed but still I had no choice but to wait. What I didn't realise at the time was that the anger had manifested in my kidney (Kidneys are associated with unprocessed and repressed anger). What started out as an emotional wound had now quite literally manifested in the physical body. 

When I got into see my trusted medical professional (which was the earliest of the appointments I had booked), I was so sick, sick enough that my GP immediately ran an ECG and called and Ambulance. I was admitted to hospital with an acute kidney infection. 

This whole experience was a blessing on a number of levels, but mostly because it inspired the SOS - same day (where possible or at least within 24hrs) appointments. I never wanted other people to feel the way I did that night. No matter where I was in the world I would be able to connect via phone, skype or WhatsApp and do my thing - clear, heal, calm, provide clarity and guidance and most of all prevent emotions from causing physical damage and harm within the body.

These appointments are more expensive than my standard ones (which usually have a 2-3 week waiting period), but they are a fraction of the cost of leaving something acute untreated. It certainly cost me significantly more than $300 to be in hospital, unwell, unable to work; not to mention the cost on my body and my heart.

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