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Numerology is the science of numbers and their vibration. Everything in the universe is energy and all energy vibrates at differing frequencies and speeds. Within the field of Numerology, each number vibration holds a particular energy. Remember that energy attracts energy so the numerological vibration will influence what you are attracting in or giving out.


Numerology can provide us with an insight into who we are and how we operate within the world. It can guide us, inspire us and help each of us understand ourselves a little better. Numerology is a science within itself and one can easily get lost in just how in-depth and revealing the analysis of numbers and letters can be.


From understanding your personality, your dreams, and your destiny, to revelations regarding karmic patterns, challenges and traits… It can all be found within this ancient science of Numerology.


This downloaded Numerology eBook will assist you in understanding who you are, your talents, gifts, passions; what you’re here to do and the journey you will take to get there; your challenges and your karmic lessons this lifetime.  It will shed light of life’s big questions, the ones that have us asking ‘Who am I and why am I here?’


Furthermore it will help you understand the cycles and rhythm of the Universe and when we understand this the flow of life just gets so much easier. When you apply the principles of Universal and Personal energy, not only will you understand your personal needs a little better but you also start to work in unison with the universe; meaning that you not only work more effectively, but it also takes a lot less effort.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be learn the meanings of each of the numbers

  • You will to calculate yours (and other peoples Numerology profile) including:

    • Life Path​

    • Destiny

    • Soul Desire

    • Personality

    • Minor Expression Number

    • Maturity Number 

    • Gifts & Talents

    • Challenges

    • Karmic Lesson/s

    • Turning Points

    • Life Themes

    • Universal Year Energy

    • Personal Year Energy 

Rhythm of the Universe eBook 2020- by Samantha Gillard.jpg
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