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2022 is one of those years where you will not be able to ignore the skeletons in the relationship closet. In terms of numerology it is known

as the marriage and divorce year because all things regarding your relationship will be amplified this year, as a way of getting your attention!

You see, we upgrade and remodel just about everything else it our world, yet we seldom do this with our relationships. We renovate and remodel our houses when something is outdated or no longer suits our needs,

we repair, change and upgrade. So why wouldn't we do the same

thing within our relationship?


Circumstance change, we change! Kids come and go, commitments, responsibilities and time create constraints that change how we show

up for our partner. We forget that when we met that person we decided

to commit to, we were different versions of ourselves, so the very

reason you fell in love with that person may have changed.

For most couples who reach crisis the choose to either ignore it and disconnect or they leave the relationship.


But is the grass really greener in the other paddock?


Usually the answer is no!


Sometimes what appears green is simply a paddock filled with weeds disguising as grass. You see, in relationships, unless you deal with the YOUR issues you simply transfer them to new relationships or these issues prevent you from entering another relationship. Often what we crave so deeply as woman is connection. To be seen, understood, appreciated and supported. Often what men crave is to be strong, to be the provider and be able to fix everything. The problem is men and women speak entirely different languages and often we live miles apart in our thoughts and perceptions.


Once disconnect occurs, resentment, distain and dissatisfaction within the relationship fester. It can feel too big to overcome, too exhausting to try and change and we either coexist, leave or settle for a relationship that meets only the basic human survival needs. Furthermore, it feeds our insecurities, amplifies our inadequacies and does nothing but chip away at self worth, this further cementing the disconnect.


Image by Igor Rodrigues

Are your ready to create a relationship that excites you, connects you and meets your emotional, physical and spiritual needs?

If the answer is YES then this workshop is a must!

2 Day Workshop

  • Communication

  • Understanding the Love Language you and your partner speak

  • Understanding you and your partners intimacy language

  • Clearing out and healing the old relationship wounds and issues

  • Connection and trust techniques

  • Intimacy building tools

  • Passion prompters

  • Remodel and Redesign blueprint​

 When we learn the language of our partner, when we learn how to connect and create intimacy (not necessarily always sexual) we begin to open regions of our heart the disconnect shut down. You get to take time to understand who each of you are now within the context of life, love and all things in between. To create a new foundation to build a connection that meets both of your needs.


This 2 day event we help you to understand the differences between the man brain and woman brain, the different languages we speak, the different metaphorical locations we live in, the different forms of intimacy, connection and love and practical ways you can remodel your existing relationship so that you both stand together united on a strong foundation of love, respect, connection  and renewed commitment.



This is where you get to redefine, recreate what YOU want, need, desire from your relationship! 


You will get opportunities throughout the 2 day workshop to work on techniques for communication, connection and intimacy within the privacy of your own space. We will use the group setting to learn and explore what is possible but this is NOT a group therapy session so you don't need to air your dirty laundry publicly.


It will be a weekend of new exploration, possibilities and opportunities to renovate, remodel and reconnect your existing relationship. Buckle up because things are about to get exciting!!


Early Bird Ticket: $1798* per couple 
Standard Ticket: $1998* per couple 

Day One

Session 1: 9.00am-10.30am
Session 2: 11:00am-12.30pm
Session 3:
 2.00pm- 3.30pm
Session 5: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Day Two

Session 6: 9.00am-10.30am
Session 7: 11:00am-12.30pm
Session 8:
 2.00pm- 3.30pm
Session 9: 4:00pm-5:30pm

*excludes accommodation



Samantha Gillard is a gifted therapist who has worked with people for almost three decades. At the beginning of 2016 an emotional Tsunami hit the shore of her life. Her relationship and marriage of 24 years had collapsed almost overnight with no warning, no time to prepare. What followed was a messy and brutal divorce. Worse than that was the trauma of not understanding what had happened. This led her to study relationships, co-dependency and infidelity within relationships as a way of understanding and healing.

She discovered that she had been so afraid of being alone that she had lost herself, given up on her needs and in the process become resentful. Not only did she realise the disconnect but she was able to finally understand what happened what went wrong. To the outside world her marriage looked like a fairy-tale, the reality was her marriage had been in trouble for years. Instead of addressing the issues they just kept busy had been so busy doing things together to fill the gaping void of disconnect and a lack of real passion and intimacy.

​“I had loved my husband through the filter of my fear of abandonment and insecurities. I had accepted a mediocre life so I would not have to be alone. Yet I was alone and desperately lonely. I suspect my ex-husband felt the same, which is why he had the affair. Although I desperately wanted someone to fill his void I never ever wanted to feel this pain again. I began the healing process of finding the real me. Of becoming the person I wanted to be with. I started to heal the insecurities, the wounds and started to dance with my fear. I had finally found peace with myself, who I was and the fact that I was enough on my own. I had created a life I loved.”


Born in a country oppressed with religious persecution, poverty, conflict and violence unimagined by most, Marco dreamed of a different life for his wife and two beautiful girls. A life where his wife would be allowed to sing and his girls would have the freedom to choose their own life path.

He had chosen to go against his family and marry for love and for 12 years he loved his wife with his whole heart. He defended her rights to work, to have autonomy and to be seen as his equal. This came at an unimaginable price and tragically he lost his wife and youngest daughter in a tragic incident. In 2016, about the same time as Samantha’s marriage ended, Marco and his daughter were granted permanent residency and then citizenship in Australia.

His own journey to heal his heart to find greater meaning and to not fill his heart with hatred is beyond inspirational.


“The thing that struck me most about relationships here in Australia was how easy it is to give up on them. People need the opportunity to be given the tools, knowledge and encouragement to find a good solution that works for both people” .

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