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Monthly CRYSTAL Club

We are living in unprecedented times and we need to draw on the support given to us by mother earth. Crystals are keeps of wisdom, guardians of light, healers and helpers.


I remember when I began to collect crystals, I had no idea what I was doing or where to start. This was part of the motivation behind the monthly Self Love Crystal Club. However, the main motivation was that the world needs healing and healing the world begins with healing ourselves. Most of you are empaths, and being an empath in this current climate is extremely difficult.



To help support you, each month you will be sent a crystal package that resonates with you, a package of energy to help you move forward, to clear obstacles, heal and inspire you. You will receive information and instructions on how to use your crystals.

How It Works


You select your budget, remember crystals are an investment not simply an indulgence and Ziba Crystals will send you the highest quality crystal(s) that are aligned with you. You’re guaranteed to resonate with them, so if it doesn’t feel right send it back & we’ll happily change it.

There are THREE LEVELS of monthly Crystal Self Love Subscriptions.  


Membership $35 

rose quartz.jpg

(AUS postage included)



The membership Crystal is only a name, it does not mean that will be the crystal you received.

With no lock in contracts, so you can opt out at any time. Remember this is a gift of Self Love and Healing.

These crystals will help support you move through the heavy energy right now and get you aligned with your dreams.

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