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The Message of Dragonfly Three

Time to strengthen and develop your gifts!

This dragonfly represents Spiritual connection, completion and wisdom. What a great and soulful time this is for you. You have a spiritual connection that is calling you to deepen and explore. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, know that the message of this dragonfly signals that there is more wisdom and insight for you to tap into right now. So make time to stop, breathe, connect and reflect.


It is the signalling of the end of the way of simply or solely relying on your physical senses and it is time to start relying on the ever strengthening connection with your higher self/ soul/self/ source. You are a spiritual being have a human experience not a physical being curious about the spiritual journey. 


This is a period of time where you access and gain a new found understanding of yourself, your spiritual self and the gifts that you have to share in the world. You are here not only for your own soul’s growth and evolution but you are also here to assist others in this journey.  Time to strengthen and develop those gifts of healing and intuition.

You were born to make a difference!

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