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The SCARED SELF Confidence and Body Positivity WORKSHOP
Saturday 14th May
9:30am 5:00pm
Venue: TBA - Sunshine Coast 
Bookings Essential 

Extra Earlybird $122 (expires 20.3.22)

Earlybird $149 (expires 20.4.22)

Standard $172 (expires 13.5.22)

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"No amount of self-improvement can ever make up for a lack of self-acceptance” Robert Holden


This one day transformation workshop will look at the reasons we struggle with the concept of self-acceptance, body positivity and confidence and will introduce you to a number of powerful transformative tools to change what for some has been a lifelong battle.

As an empowered and successful woman the one thing that I struggled with for the longest time was body-acceptance and confidence. It is not easy in a world fuelled by the weight loss and fashion industry to stand proud and claim your body as acceptable let alone love your body when it doesn’t measure up to what society thinks is socially acceptable or healthy..... but those days are behind me and I want to help you too.


This war that we as women (and some men) face around body shaming, dysmorphia, disordered eating and mental health issues is real and devastating. We have been conditioned to measure our worth by the numbers, the numbers on a scale, on our clothes and even on a hot or not scale. We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic images of what we should look like, which aren't realistic unless you exist only on a photoshopped image on a computer screen. 


This shame infiltrates every aspect of our lives.... it chips away at our self worth, it imprisons us in fear and makes us settle in relationships, jobs, career, friendship and circumstances that do not honour who we are. It stops us living our fullest potential because heaven forbid we dare to be unapologetically us. Furthermore, our shame, embarrassment, insecurities around our bodies also have the power to disconnect us from people and ruin relationships and opportunities.


  • 1 in 2 women reporting feeling concerned with the way they look!

Why is it so high? What is going on?

The diet and weight loss have grown to be a $71 billion industry, yet according to studies— over 95% of diets fail. Here's how the diet industry grew to be a multi billion-dollar machine.

Often we are tricked and conditioned into believing that if we were skinnier, fitter, toned, had a curvier body, had bigger boobs, less wrinkles, fuller lips, smaller waist, perkier boobs, blah, blah, blah...we would have more confidence, fit in, be more desirable, feel better etc. only to find that when we arrive at that place we still have an emptiness or void deep inside us and we have way less money in our bank accounts!.


One valuable piece of advice I learned on the road to acceptance of my body was:
"Never discount your worth to for someone else budget"

If you are not currently enough for someone you never will be. And in the end the person that has to love and accept you is you!

If you're done with feeling embarrassed, ashamed, depressed, anxious or disconnected from your body and you want to learn how to be more confident, assertive, proud and unapologetic, then this one day workshop is for you!




Hello beautiful Soul, I'm Sam! 

There is heaps on this site about who I am in terms of what I do, but I wanted to connect with you here and tell you heart to heart who I am.... I am complex, I am beautifully flawed, I am a hot mess at times and finally I can say I am unapologetic for my gorgeous fat body. Don't freak out, I have reclaimed the word FAT from being a bullying torment to something I now have peace with. I am F.A.T. Fabulous. Authentic. Talented. 

She (my body) has be shamed, discarded, overlooked, punished, brutalised and judged for as long as I can remember. Many times the perpetrator was me. I have starved her, exercised her relentlessly, overfed her, numbed her and hidden her. Yet despite this she has always kept going, showed up when I've needed her and carried me on this thing called life. 

When I decided to accept her, love, her celebrate her guess what happened? I found peace. 

I know what it is like not to have body confidence and positivity, I know how hard you work to over compensate for your shortcomings and I want to say enough! You are worth more than that. Let me show you how it is possible to accept yourself, have confidence to rock what you got!

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