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BONUS: if you book by 25th July you'll also receive a free Psychic Quickie (one question psychic answer) with me (valued at $60)

Dear Past, We're done. Dear Future, Game on!!

Starting on MONDAY 13th AUGUST

6pm -7PM (AEST) with replay available

How fast is this year flying by? 

2018 is such a pivotal year for all of us and we have opportunities to shape the coming years that we haven't had before, but it is moving so quickly that if we don't act soon we will miss out. 

August provides us energetically with the energy to begin anew, so it is the perfect time to get on board and make this year really count!

2018 symbolises the first master number year we've had in a long, long time. This means this year is filled with energy, opportunity and possibility to really shift gears.


We can either play this year out as a 2 vibration (which is a lower, slower vibration) or we can align with the higher energy of the master vibration of 11 - I'm choosing 11!


Master numbers work at a higher vibration, more simply, they work at a deeper soul level. This year gives us unprecedented access to our intuitive gifts and soul wisdom. It offers us an opportunity to transform, transcend and integrate a new way of being into our everyday life. It opens doorways to move through old limitations and fears into a new found sense of freedom.


Join me for a 9 week online transformational program designed to inform, educate, align and inspire you to make the most of the opportunities 2018 has for you. Gain the tools you need to create an easier year than the past couple and create lasting change in all areas of your life.



weekly insights, guidance and energy forecasts

weekly live webinar (recorded for replay)

empowerment exercises

release rituals

☆ your personal numerology for the year


Special introductory price is $222

(which is the number of new beginnings and the next step on your path.... how cool is that!).


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