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Sunday 2nd July 2017  |  10am-4:30pm

Vision Maps, Dream Boards, Wish Lists are not worth the paper they are printed on if you don't understand how the universal principle of the Law Of Attraction works and the secret behind the secret.

If your life is a little lack lustre, if your energy is low, your dreams are all but a distant memory, your relationships leave you feeling a little empty or lonely at times (or you can't find that someone special) survival, not thriving is the overarching theme and you are thinking that you cannot possibly spend $152 on a workshop, then keep reading…


The Law of Attraction is NOT one of these new age, mumbo jumbo woo woo concepts, it is a universal principle as real as the law of gravity!


Ignoring it, doesn’t make it go away and it doesn’t make you immune to its effects. Just like if you ignore gravity, you will soon realise that, what goes up will soon come down! The LOA works whether you believe it or not, it is working right now. You don't attract what you want into your life you attract who you are and how you feel and what you believe you are worth. Changing your thoughts is not enough, setting goals is not enough, visualising is not enough, creating a pretty vision board isn't enough.... which is why you still haven't gotten what you want!


Let me explain. The law of attraction is a magnetic field, and if you remember back to year 8 science you would have learnt that like energy attracts like energy. Who you are is a vibration made up of your conscious, subconscious and unconscious thoughts.  So many people fail when using the LOA because the simply do understand.  

About Samantha Gillard

Samantha has a degree in Psychology and Criminology from the University of Melbourne, has completed studies in Suicide Intervention and Prevention at Griffith University, in addition to gaining qualifications from Cornell University in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Samantha has worked with people across the globe in key areas of personal and spiritual development.

Samantha is regarded as a leading expert in the areas of Soul, Spirituality and is regarded as one of Australia’s most loved Psychic Mediums. Samantha has also gained an international reputation for her heartfelt readings and transformative teachings. Samantha has trained all around the world with world famous mediums and has a teaching position with internationally acclaimed UK medium Tony Stockwell.

Come along to this fun and informative workshop and learn how to use the no bullshit principles of
Law of Attraction effectively. 


Bring a friend and only pay $97 each

BRING A FRIEND TICKET $194 for 2 people

VENUE: Anam Cara House Little Mountain (Near Caloundra)

CATERING: Morning Tea, water and Tea/Coffee provided. Please BYO lunch. A small fridge & microwave are available for your use.

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