Who Am I?


WOW, that is a huge question!


I have been called many things in my career, Psychic, Medium, Healer, Medicine Woman, Shaman, Medical Intuitive, Oracle and my favourite, Mumma Woo Woo. I would describe myself as authentic, funny, insightful and fiercely determined (aka stubborn!).


Quite simply, I am me! Beautifully flawed, complex, multifaceted, indescribable and indefinable. I am everything and nothing simultaneously. Although I would describe myself as spiritual (minus all the bullshit!) I am grounded, practical and do human so very well!


I love having fun as you can see from the photos above where I could help but strut on the old fisherman pier with pelican Pete lol! I LOOOOVVVEEE champagne (Verve & Moet) but also am partial to a glass or three of red wine. Music, all genres (except Country, which makes me cringe) fills my heart and energises me. I have recently developed a serious addiction for Latin dancing, which is where you will find me most weekends. Sometimes I prefer the dead people (who I am able to communicate with) more than the living. I dislike bullshit, agendas and falseness.


So how did I come to find myself here?


Well, you will have to read my book.... once I finish giving birth to it (the labour has been long and unproductive lol) The short story is... It was an inner nagging in the pit of my stomach, which brought me to a decision to quit my state-wide corporate management position in 2009 and go on a quest to discover who I really was and why I was here. It was simultaneously the scariest and most liberating thing I have ever done. 


I had always had a sixth sense, an inner knowing that seemed illogical and somewhat supernatural. Afraid of it, I locked it in a closet. Terrified that it would make me seem at best, like some sort of new age whack job, and at worst, delusional and crazy. But coming out, so to speak, allowed me to unlock one of the greatest assets ever... the power of my intuition.


The ability to know, sense, see, hear and feel information about people, places, businesses and situations; to use this to help people is a true gift. For almost ten years now, I've had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life across the globe including accomplished business people, celebrities, medical professionals, politicians, and entrepreneurs in a practical, down to earth and dynamic way.


I currently live on the Sunshine Coast (QLD, Australia) with my two fur babies (Charlie Brown & Molly).  I spend approximately 8 months a year working from here (in person & skype/phone) doing intuitive sessions, mentoring and teaching workshops & live events. The other 4 months are spent travelling Australia, UK, Ireland and USA doing what I love- assisting people to be all they can be, the greatest, most empowered version of who they really are!

What am I here to do?

Quite simply, rock the boat of change and radical transformation. I am here to help people be their best in an authentic way; to access their internal GPS (Intuition) and get them to their destination (destiny) whilst enjoyong the journey.