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Unofficial Bio- A little bit of the personal stuff!

Early in 2016, a Tsunami hit the shore of my life. Without warning, the life I had built and knew was gone. I had survived…. Only just. I was left with the devastation that everything that was familiar and certain in my world had been destroyed. Left with what seemed to be a trillion broken shards, I had a choice. Collapse in a defeated heap or rise up like a phoenix from the ashes.  

My relationship and marriage of 24 years had collapsed almost overnight with no warning, no time to prepare. As a psychic, I felt like a fraud. Why had I not seen this? The truth was I had had a vivid premonition 2 years earlier, but was made to feel foolish, insecure and crazy about what I intuitively knew. Describing the details to my then husband, as he laughed them off and told me I was insane. The honest reality of the situation was I wanted so desperately not to see, know and feel what was about to happen.

The Tsunami was not your usual messy divorce; it was cruel, brutal, cowardly, vicious and I was left with no answers to my many questions of "Why?" It was not the separation itself, as I know that love ends and people grow out of love, it was the way it was calculated and executed to leave me clinging for life itself. It devastated every aspect of my life. Financially, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

Who was this ghostly person in the reflection of the mirror? Her body and spirit broken. I know longer recognised myself or the landscape of my life. I knew one thing, I wanted this experience to make me a better person not a bitter person.  

The greatest lesson that I had to learn was that everything I wanted was on the other side of my pain, fear and insecurities. If I wanted to rebuild my life I would need to face and confront everything that terrified me. I had so many wounds, so many insecurities and so many fears and challenges to overcome. If you have a journey of a thousand miles ahead of you and you hate walking, then best you learn to dance..... which is exactly what I did!

l had always wanted to dance but I had buried this underneath layers and layers of fear, insecurity, shame and embarrassment. I cannot even tell you how much courage it took to turn up to my first dance class on my own, with all my fears and insecurities along for the ride. I had to face my fears that l would not be able to manage the moves, keep up, in addition to my body image and mobility issues.  What if no one danced with me, what if they shammed me, laughed or ridiculed me, what if I couldn't do the moves, what if.... the list was endless.  Having the courage to turn up was literally the best thing I could have done.

The more I danced the more I healed, the more I healed the more I transformed my life into something unrecognisable and totally liberating. I literally danced my way step by step into a new life. Every time I danced I learnt more about who I was, who I aspired to be, I faced fears, I let go of old beliefs and I danced myself a new and exciting reality. 

Dancing fuelled me on a journey of transformation which completely changed my life. I put everything I had ever learnt as a therapist, healer, and human being into practice. Some tools worked, some didn’t and some things needed to be adapted and changed. What resulted was a brand new landscape to call my life and the infinite possibility that the best is always yet to come.

In 2019 whilst dancing in Bali, I met connected with the most genuine and beautiful man I had ever met. We were introduced on Facebook through a mutual friend. He was a dance teacher in Brisbane. We met to dance together and very quickly fell in love. The connection and energy was undeniable. The road we had both travelled to to find each other was quite literally inspirational. We are now engaged and planning our wedding whilst teaching dance on the Sunshine Coast.


 Dance changed my life in so many ways... maybe it can change your too!

Let the dancing begin

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