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UNF#CK Your Life - One day Transformational Seminar


Someone once said that life wasn't meant to be easy, but seriously did anyone say it had to be this f#cked up!?!

Life, people, events, situations can seriously f#ck you up, but we also have the choice and power to become unfuckwithable!


Unfuckwithable is making your own opportunities instead of waiting for someone to give you one. Unfuckwithable is building your own doors—and then knocking on them. Unfuckwithable is what happens when you believe that who you are matters. And unfuckwithable is an attitude that will literally reclaim your power and unf#ck your life!


One day really can change your life!

Early bird Price only $149.00

Standard Price $198

Unf#ck together (3 or more tickets) $98 each

Unf#ck the village (10 tickets) $550 


includes a 45min one on one session with Samantha $250




Fact # 1: F#cked up things happen to nice people!

To be brutally honest with you, life doesn’t give a shit about what sort of person you are, how big and generous your heart is, whether you're naughty or nice. Life is simply a training ground for the soul. Confession time, I am a control freak! And most high achievers and success driven people like you and I, are. It took me years to realise that I was burning all my energy trying to control life…. Life cannot be controlled! Shit is going to happen and if you let it, it will fuck you up! You are not a helpless victim in a sea of fuckeduppedness. You have choices… You can sit in it, drown in it, or use it as motivation to swim as fast as we can out of it!

Fact #2: The mind f#ck is an intensity dial for the amount of fuckeduppedness in our lives!

Our mind wants to make sense of the shit that is happening, so it creates stories. These stories can be empowering or they can be bullshit stories about how your life can’t change, how you have no control over life and how you will never achieve your dreams because of the “x,y and z” of excuses.

If you fertilize your mind with bullshit don’t expect a beautiful garden of prosperity and abundance to grow, no matter how many times you put it out to the universe or how many times you repeat your positive affirmations. The mind fuck going on inside your head is a powerful magnetic field, where like energy attracts like energy. Who you are is a vibration made up of your conscious, subconscious and unconscious thoughts. Sigmund Freud (yes, the cocaine addicted psychoanalyst with mummy issues) was the first one to popularise the concept that our mind has three key components; the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind, which consists of the thoughts we are aware of only constitutes approximately 10% of our minds capacity. 30%-40% of our minds capacity is located in our subconscious, with the remaining 50%-60% within our unconscious. Unless you can get to the subconscious and unconscious mind, you are dealing with only 10% of what is actually going on. Another way to look at this is, you’re only ever using 10% of your potential!

Fact #3: You are either the Master of your Mind or your mind masters you!

Thoughts are the powerful building blocks of your future reality. But unless you choose these building blocks carefully your future reality will never be a solid concept. We live in such a stress fuelled state, that instead of being mindful, we are quite literally, mindfull. We are at saturation overload. Each of us has a default mechanism that kicks into action once we reach the saturation overload point, we go into autopilot mode, where our mind takes over the flight controls and our destiny is no longer in our hands.

Fact # 4: You may be broke, your life may be broken but your soul will never break!

Everything you have ever been through is preparing you for something great. A lot of the pain we experience in life isn’t the result of the event that occurred it is a consequence of how our minds processed and internalised ‘why’ the event occurred. Every heartache, every pain is a chance to transform our world. We just need to opening our minds to the possibility that something extraordinary is about to happen.


Fact# 5: Success, Wealth and Abundance are your birth right!


You may have been born on the corner of Struggle and Poverty Streets, in Mediocre Town, or perhaps you moved there at some point during your life, but it was never intended that you stay there.  You are a 1:400 Trillion miracle. Yes, that is right, scientists have actually calculated the odds of you being here. Never before has there been anyone who thinks, feels and dreams like you. You are a biological miracle. Your thoughts, feelings and inspirations are all just sign posts trying to show you the way. You are here for a reason, a purpose as unique as you are. There will never even be another you, there will never be anyone else to share your unique gifts with the world. You are indescribable, indefinable and irreplaceable. Time to cash in on your inheritance and live a life worthy of you.

Are you ready to join Samantha Gillard on a one day entertaining, inspirational and transformational journey to learn the tools and strategies to Unf#ck Your Life?

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