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Please read carefully


EARLY BIRD PRICE: $1198* (expires 1.4.21) 

STANDARD: $1398* (expires 31.8.21)

LAST MINUTE: $1498* (expires 3.11.21)


  • Three Day Pass to the Unf#ck Your Life Retreat (free parking onsite)

  • 8 Sessions and workbook

  • New Moon Ritual

  • Sunrise Empowerment Ritual

  • 30 minute gentle yoga class 

  • Access to online community


  • Private Readings/Healing Session with Samantha (Strictly limited):  $250 45mins 

  • Private Reiki Sessions with Marco $50 for 30mins

  • Massage with Marco (Neck and Shoulders) $40 for 20mins



  • Self confidence, Body Acceptance and Rocking What You Got!

  • 12:30pm- 4:30pm  SALT YEPPOON

  • Cost: $150 for Unf#ck Your Life Attendees or $250 for non attendees


  • (no precious dance experience needed). 6.30pm-8.30pm.

  • Learn some killer (easy) moves so you don't feel like a lamb chop at a vegan convention next time you hit the dance floor!

  • COST: $35 per person.


Not Included:

  • Accommodation

  • Transfers

  • Meals

  • Credit Card Fees (2.6%). Payment via EFT does not incur a fee.

  • Optional activities in your free time

  • Travel Insurance (recommended) 


Payment Plans are available however, there are strict due dates for minimum balance payments as shown below:

  • Deposit: $400 due on booking (This is non refundable so please purchase travel insurance to cover yourself against unforeseen circumstances that may prevent travel). 

  • Final Installment: Remaining Balance needs to be paid no later than  31st September 2021. Booking after this date will need to be paid in full.

Payment plans are available, to pay in smaller installments more frequently, however the balance is still required by these dates. 

Payments can be made via:

  • Cash

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Credit Card (via Pay Pal) - applicable fees and charges (additional 2.6%). 

Cancellations & Refunds


Deposit are non-fundable after 24hrs for change or mind or change of circumstances that may prevent you from coming. Deposits are used to secure bookings at the time of payment. For this reason it is recommended that you purchase travel insurance in instances where circumstances (life changes, financial changes, illness, death etc) change and prevent you from attending or if the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond control.

NB: In the event that we are in official covid lock-down, every endeavour will be made to refund your money or transfer credit to a rescheduled event at a later time if third party (Venue and Hotel) refund is not available.

Retreat starting and concluding time:

Registration for the retreat will be between 12noon- 12.20pm on Friday 5th November 2021

The retreat will start at 12.30pm.

The retreat will conclude on Sunday 7th November at 5pm.

Changes to advertised Itinerary: 

Please note that the itinerary is subject to change due to weather and/or participant needs. The itinerary is always inspired by spirit and as such is subject to change based on the need of the group. 

More Information:

Once you are booked you will receive further information regarding the trip such as important information, packing tips and suggestions. You will also be added to the closed Facebook group and email list where we can get to know each other better before travelling on this incredible and soulful journey. 

Testimonials from participants of Samantha's Retreats

"Ohhhhh Sam …. Where to begin? One of the most courageous decisions I have ever made was to fly to Bali and finally let go of what was hurting my heart and soul and allow myself to feel the beauty that is me.

It is kinda cool how someone can just pop into your life all of a sudden and become so important to you within such a small amount of time and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me that holding onto anger, hurt and pain steals my energy and keeps me from love. I healed several parts of myself on this trip so that I could stop accidentally hurting people that I wanted to love because I was projecting my own wounds on them.

The magic in the workshops was discovering what they were and being supported to spiral through the emotional experiences and heal in layers until it no longer triggered me. I realised that forgiveness is not about excusing or accepting the behaviour of others, but letting go and preventing their behaviour from destroying my heart. I smile, find joy and allow myself to feel … all things I had switched off for the last 20 years prior to Bali.

It is in the midst of change we often discover wings we never knew we had, and I know that there is a past me overflowing with so much pride looking at how far I’ve come. RIP Old Self … I close my eyes to the old and open my heart to new beginnings. Thank you Sam! <3"

(M.P Sunshine Coast)

"Thank you Sam..Love you so much! You have definitely helped me let go of so much.. Don't think I will ever be able to thank you...Life changer indeed. One of most healing, amazing and connected experiences I have ever had! Sam was truly there for me, and everybody. Lots of laughs, and being around amazing people, highly recommend, totally worth it xx " (L.G. Victoria)

"Absolutely loved it, talk about opening the door wide open spiritually. It took me to the next level or maybe a few". (L.R. Tasmania)

""An incredibly soul enriching experience. Sam you are wonderfully warm and inviting, professional and compassionate. For me this experience conquered my biggest fear of flying! And the thought of travelling alone was frightening....I came home a grown up! I developed amazing skill and new found confidence. To sum this up in only a word would be MAGICAL!"(D.S. NSW)

"Thank you Sam you are certainly one amazing lady & I have done so much that I wouldn't have done without you". (R.A. NSW)


"Thank you Sam for the amazing Tour, because of you that you enhanced my life & my world & have given me a new drive forward, love you always for you being the special you xxx (J.B. Perth)


"Thank you Sam it was truly amazing and totally soul inspiring". (K.S. Victoria)


About Samantha


I love to travel to places where I feel my soul calls me, because when I answer that call and follow my intuition there is always a gift there awaiting me. My journey with past lives is very much associated with my travel. It was in Italy in 2008 that I had my first vivid past life remembrance. It was as if I was frozen in time watching actors before me react something that felt so very familiar and known within my soul. Then in 2009 when I travelled to Hawaii the same thing happened. It was random flashbacks, I did not seek them out, I did not meditate to connect; they would just appear out of nowhere. It wasn’t simply that I had remembered these ancient soul memories but how it transformed and changed my life. Issues that I had dealt with all my life suddenly disappeared and the grip that fear associated with these events once had was gone.  It was as if reconnecting at these places which I had been lifetimes before had offered not only healing of issues that my soul had carried but liberation and freedom. 


Since then, I have travelled to many parts of the world now and each time there is something, a connection, a memories and healing that occurs that helps me move forward in this life, to stand empowered and be who I am. For the last 7 years I have facilitated transformational travel experiences for other people. These trips are more than just holidays or visits to ancient and sacred sites, they are an opportunity to connect with the ancient energy, the wisdom and the transformational healing that each of these sites offer. This is not just a holiday, it is a chance to experience more of you in a beautiful place that holds space for those who are called to come.

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