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UNF#CK Your Life….. Sam!

Kintsugi- the art of transforming the broken into beautiful

So, I am usually a really private person, but felt inspired to share a little about the reasons behind the motivation and birth of my new one day transformation seminar entitled UNF#CK Your Life!

At the beginning of this year, the world has I knew it was shattered. Completely and utterly unrecognisable. My husband who had been the love of my life and my rock for 24 years decided that the grass was greener in the other paddock so to speak (poor bastard will find out soon enough that the greenery was simply thistles and weeds).

It was devastating on so many levels, my identity as a wife… gone; my best friend for over half my life…. gone; my self-worth... gone; all our savings….gone.

The sting made worse by visions I had had over the past couple of years where I would wake up shitty and when my then-husband asked what was wrong I would tell him that I dreamt he was having an affair. I described her and his reply was “Oh that is ……, we work together, we’re only friends!” I wanted so desperately to believe him, that I ignored my own psychic intuition. It was the same intuition that lead me to check his phone for the first time in all our marriage to find the evidence that confirmed my worst fears and visions I had had. I had been betrayed, but I had also betrayed myself by not listening to what I intuitively had known.

I was financially, emotionally, physically broken…. But spiritually, although wounded, I was still alive.

This year has been about reclaiming who I am. My life had been shattered, could I rebuild it? Did I want to rebuild it? These questions and a myriad of others haunted me. I came across the ancient art of Kintsugi and found it to be an amazing metaphor for my life. Kintsugi is the process of taking broken pieces and fusing them with gold to create a new work of art. I had the broken pieces, I now had to find the gold to fuse them together.

I went in search of the gold, looking for therapies, medication, information that would be the gold I was needing to heal my life. Each time I returned exhausted and empty handed. This is when I ran the pity bath, hopped in for a big long wrinkly soak. It was whilst soaking in this tub of self-pity, that the intuitive guidance I knew so well, said “the gold is you”. What the fuck did that mean? I was annoyed that my pity bath had been interrupted by some cryptic message from the cosmos. The gold is you! I felt like worthless shit not gold, and although I considered myself a spiritual alchemist, I had no knowledge of how to turn shit into the sort of gold that would hold the broken pieces of my life together.

My life as I knew it was fucked up…. And I felt like I was a fuck up!

The intuitive guidance began to ask me a series of questions…. And like any good student, I was belligerent and somewhat resistant! Is this really as good as your life gets? You had spent 24 years in a co-dependent relationship because you loved him more than you loved yourself, isn’t it time you discovered the next layer of who you really are? Who do you want to be when you’re not afraid of failing? How are you here to be of service? But then…. The message that began to appear everywhere was “The Best Is Yet To Come”. The Gold was revealed when I started to answer these questions. I had found a way to transform my shit into gold by alchemising the head fuck and limitations I had created for myself!

I learnt the kintsugi of my life, the art of embracing the broken and damaged and seeing the beauty in the transformation. I learnt one of those soulful lessons… we are and more beautiful for being broken.

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in broken places”.

Ernest Hemingway

The mantra of Unfuck Your Life wasn’t about being brazen and cheeky, it was my personal mantra of strength, determination and triumph. What happened to me, may have shattered the life I had known and loved, but it was never going to shatter my spirit!

You don’t have to have a relationship break up to have a fucked up approach to life. We all have our brokenness, which when infused with gold can create something rare, unique, precious and beautiful. Each one of us is here to do something unique that can be done by no other. Combing my knowledge in the areas of psychology, human behaviour and practical spirituality, this one day transformational seminar will show you how to Unf#ck your life and live a life worthy of you.

It would be my absolute honour and privilege to share this transformational journey with you

Samantha Gillard is an Internationally respected Intuitive Strategist and is regarded as a leading authority in areas of Intuition, Energy Psychology and Strategic Change Management.

Samantha has a degree in Psychology and Criminology (University of Melbourne), has completed studies in Suicide Intervention and Prevention (Griffith University), in addition to gaining qualifications from Cornell University in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.

Samantha has spent the last 8 years working across in Australia, UK and USA teaching, inspiring and providing intuitive insight to people. Samantha is renowned for her transformative work and engaging, inspiring and entertaining speaking and teaching styles. Read More >

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