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Are you a Medium, Psychic or Healer who struggles with confidence, self-doubt and sustaining your connection to the Spirit World? Are you interested in Shamanism or want to

deepen your spiritual connection in a profound way?


Then keep reading because this workshop is for you....

Our connection to spirit is at the heart of any spiritual journey. A shaman is one that walks between two worlds, the human world and the spiritual world. Using Shamanic rituals and teachings, this workshop will not only strengthen your connection to spirit but will enhance your mediumship, psychic or healing work in profound ways.

The Shamanic Awakening workshop will give you tools to by-pass your conscious mind where your fear and over thinking dominates, and enter the soul space of pure connection. When we can connect to this space we access the true essence and potential of our spiritual gifts.

This workshop will also focus on Eagle medicine and how this can help you rise above all the challenges on your spiritual journey. The Eagle has a gift to share with us all and the medicine offered will be different for each person who attends this transformative workshop.

Join us in SA for an amazing 2 days

Book before the 29th September for a bonus gift in addition to earlybird price

by 29.9.17

Samantha Gillard is an internationally respected Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher, Mentor and Shamanic Ceremony & Ritual Facilitator. Samantha is renowned for her accuracy, authenticity and heartfelt transformative work.  Samantha has had the privilege of being mentored by some of the world’s best, as well as studying at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College. Samantha was also chosen by Tony Stockwell to be part of his teaching team of esteemed tutors from across the globe in 2017.

Strictly Limited Spaces Available

Book a Private Reading with Samantha in SA

on Mon 6th November 

45mins $180


75mins $230


Early bird Tickets $45

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