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Sometimes (as I have learnt from experience) we need immediate assistance, be it guidance, clarity, support, healing or just some intuitive direction as to what is the best action to take in that given moment. The issue is most reputable and trustworthy practitioners will have a waiting list, as it is often weeks (sometimes more) before an appointment is available. By that time, you've either buried the issue, been impacted by it or still in a continuous state of stress and indecisiveness.

Of course you could pay the $4.95/min for a psychic hotline, but can you trust that information? Is it a reputable, qualified practitioner?

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Because life doesn't always happen during business hours or according to schedule!



Psychic Readings are wonderful if you are needing guidance, insight, inspiration and direction. Sometimes what you’ll hear you may already know deep down within yourself, you just needed someone else to affirm what your soul already knew.


A reading should also be an empowering process, not fear based or sprinkled with doom and gloom. You may not always hear what you want to hear, but you will always be ready for what you hear and empowered by it. Readings with Samantha are like receiving advice from an old trusted friend.

Soul Readings provide you with insight into your strengths, challenges and gifts that your soul has come here to express this lifetime. It can be a truly liberating process to discover who you really are and why you are here. 


Just like who you are physically can be mapped within your DNA blueprint, who you are spiritually can also be mapped within your souls blueprint. Your soul is the keeper of ancient wisdom over a multitude of lifetimes and being able to access this is a very enlightening process empowering process.

Mediumship Readings are where the Medium connects with your loved ones in the spirit world (heaven/afterlife). Information is perceived, received and communicated by the medium and provided as evidence of your loved ones presence and continued life. Such information maybe the relationship to the person, the person’s personality, mannerisms, memories and messages from you your loved ones.


Whilst all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. A medium is someone who can raise their own vibration enough that they are able to make a connection with those in the vibration of the spirit world. 

Soul Therapy is a combination of Reading and Healing. In the session Samantha will connect with you at a soul level and assess what is going on and how best to bring balance and restoration. During a session Samantha will utilise all her gifts and knowledge to provide a unique and individualised session for you.


These sessions may include a combination of Soul / Psychic / Mediumship Readings, Healing, Holistic Counselling and/or spiritual mentoring. You will get what you need at the time.


Energy Healing / Clearing  uses a combination of Acutonics,  Reiki and Sound and Vibration Healing.


Samantha is a gifted healer who will tune in intuitively to the person's energy to feel blockages, imbalances and issues that are present. Acting as a channel for healing energy she is then able to clear and restore the natural flow of energy. This can often be done in a single session, however depending on the severity of dis-ease or energy blockage it may take several sessions.


Holistic Counselling uses a combination of traditional psychological therapies, Samantha has combined her academia & Spiritual gifts (Healing & Psychic Intuition) to produce a modality that is more empowering, less traumatic, less drawn out and has quicker results for those she works with.

After a single session most people notice a significant change, with multiple sessions the results can literally be life changing.