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Let's discover tap into Universal guidance for the questions that bang on in your head and heart!
STARTING WEDNESDAY 8th MARCH 2023 | 7pm - 9pm (Qld)



Now more than ever we are being called to awaken the gifts of healing, intuition and connection that are innate in each of our souls.  There has never been more urgency to disconnect from the fear and restrictions of the human world and connect with the wisdom, power and guidance of our intuition. It is ESSENTIAL for all those with a calling to utilise this time to assist the evolution of others on this planet. The world as we knew it has changed and so must we!

This four week class program will be focussed on how to gain guidance and clarity for self as well as others. There will be a strong focus on connecting with the Higher Self, Guides, Spirit and Universal Consciousness (Source energy) for guidance moving forward. It is designed for beginners to upper intermediate level, who want to explore and strengthen their intuitive connection. Samantha will work with each person at their level to ensure that they extend their abilities whilst feeling nurtured and supported.


We will utilise the Unf#ck Your Life Oracle and the Unf#ck Your Love Life decks as a tool for strengthening and deepening the intuitive connection. If you do not have these cards they will need to be purchased to participate.

This will be a fun, interactive, ONLINE development circle in which you will be supported, nurtured and guided to expand your awareness and connect with the spirit world whilst seeking universal guidance to your questions. You will be required to be live online in order to participate in the online exercises. These classes will be kept small to ensure the maximum amount of support and learning can occur.


Details on how to access these online classes will be given after booking is made. 

About the Facilitator


Samantha is regarded as a leading expert in the areas of Soul, Spirituality and is regarded as one of Australia’s most loved Psychic Mediums. Samantha has also gained an international reputation for her heartfelt readings. Samantha has trained all around the world and been part of international teaching programs.

Pay in Full | $300

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Pay Weekly | $78

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