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The Unf#ck Your Life Healing Cards are designed to help you look at the subconscious issues (those buried beneath your conscious thought) that are impacting (aka fuckingwith) your life.


Can you relate to making an empowered decision to step up, be brave, be seen, do things differently and live your purpose? To share with the world that unique special thing only you have to offer?


So ‘Why is so f#cking hard?’ Two steps forward and at times ten steps backwards down a slippery slope covered in shit! Yep, you're not alone!

Approximately 90% of your mind is against you. Preprogrammed and conditioned to operate with outdated belief systems and limitations.... the kicker is that you're not even aware of this because it is happening in your subconscious mind. Self-sabotage, procrastination, fear, stress, and dis-ease all symptoms of what is going on underneath the surface.


These cards are divinely inspired and have been created with the Intent of can be used for inspiration, clarity, insight, guidance and healing. They are tools of awareness and invitations to heal and transform your life.


This powerful set of 44 cards hold the intention and creation energy of bringing issues that are not

balanced into awareness and working with you to release, transform and ultimately heal.


They are not designed to make yor fearful, or predict doom and gloom. Infact,  unlike traditional oracle cards where reversed cards are warnings, when you see a reverse cards using this deck, they are designed to signal an invitation for transformation. This is a positive sign and should not bring fear or trepidation. It simply means that your soul is ready to transform/heal the presenting issue.


Let’s  Unf#ck Your Life together!


These cards are proudly designed, printed and packaged here in Australia. They are not packaged in the traditional glossy hard top/bottom box because these are all printed and produced in China.  Whilst it is cheaper to print in China, I feel these cards have a higher purpose.  The Australian owned and run company used to produce my printed products supports marginalised young people to gain life skills and employment. I love that they healing cards help not only the people using them, but also many people here in Australia who need a little bit of support and guidance.

UNF#CK Your Life Cards

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