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The Message of Card Two

There are joyful changes happening in your life!


Woo Hoo…..

It is as if the energetic rain clouds have lifted and for the first time in a long time you are about to (if you haven’t already begun to) see the sun shining. Not only can you see the sun shining, but it is as if it it is shining just for you!


And thank goddess for this, as it proceeds a period of confusion, and energetic heaviness. If you don’t begin to feel or see this in your life it maybe that you still have your energetic umbrella up to protect you from the rain. Take it down, the rain has passed and you can let your guard down now. Allow these rays of blessings to shower you with opportunities, abundance, new possibilities and greatness. 


There are joyful changes occurring in your life even as I type this. Events begin to move forward, great progress and indeed success is imminent. Be confident, trust the wisdom of your soul which echoes through the longing of your heart and say yes to the opportunities coming your way.

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