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The Message of Card One

Clear out the old to allow the new!


There is significant change and movement happening in your life. For some of you who chose this card this will come as a big relief as it has been a trying year on many levels. Life as you know it is changing, you are being asked to go with it, to follow the direction of your heart which ultimately in connected to the knowingness of your soul.  With this change, the guides, guardians and angels (who support you) are supporting you to move in a new, more positive direction. The resources (people and  opportunities) are entering your world to help you move in a new direction that better meets your needs and furthermore allows you the opportunity to step up and be who you really are. To take advantage of this, you are being asked to be willing to let go of the old, in order the make way for the new. This means it is time to let go of the past, the issues, the pain, the experiences, the beliefs that are no longer in sync with who you are becoming. You are being encouraged to have a clean out physically and emotionally. Remove the physical and energetic clutter from your life.

You are encouraged to get a healing to help release the stuck energy from the past. If you don’t release the past, how can there be room for new things to enter your world?

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