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Spirit Animal Messenger: Owl

Owl is associated with your inner wisdom, your knowledge and the hidden realms of your intuition. The message that owl brings is that it is safe to be who you are, furthermore, it is safe and indeed time to explore the depths of your intuition and spiritual gifts. You are the teacher, the wise one, the seer. You have the ability to see into the depths of someone’s soul, to know things that your human minds has no way of knowing. 

You have chosen the owl because you are being encouraged to explore your intuitive gifts of healing, psychic intuition and spiritual awareness. For some of you this marks  the beginning of this journey and for others it is simply the deepening and strengthening of these innate gifts. You are here to assist others on the journey, but first you must take time out to work further on yourself. You are being asked to go deeper, to know yourself better, to accept and love even the shadow side of yourself and to face the darkness of your hesitation and self-doubt.

Your ability to assist others is dependent of how well you are able to assist yourself. Embrace the Owl’s medicine of change and transformation and allow this energy to assist you at this time.

About Smantha Gillard

Samantha Gillard is an internationally respected Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher, Mentor and Shamanic Ceremony & Ritual Facilitator. Samantha is renowned for her accuracy, authenticity and heartfelt transformative work.  Samantha has had the privilege of being mentored by some of the world’s best, as well as studying at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College. Samantha was also chosen by Tony Stockwell to be part of his teaching team of esteemed tutors from across the globe in 2017.

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