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Rituals exist in everyone’s everyday life, from your morning routine of getting out of bed to how you make your tea/coffee. Rituals done with intention, empowerment and in rhythm with the universe are very powerful in creating positive and lasting change in many areas of our lives.


The word 'Ritual' as it is used here, simply means to honour the sacred within each of us. This is done by creating a sacred space and using symbolism and intention to bring about change.

The observance and rituals around lunar cycles has been practiced for centuries. We are able to use the cycles of the moon to help us gain a sense of alignment, connection and synergy with the universe. When we come into alignment with this universal flow, life become easier, things flow and we start to feel the connection with something bigger than ourselves – the cosmos!

The Moon and You- Rituals to Empower and Heal is a very easy to read and follow guide on how to understand the basics of rituals and how to start to build them in to your daily practice.

In this eBook you will find all the information needed to understand:

- Rituals

- Lunar Cycles

- Working with the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

- Moon Astrology

- Tools for Empowerment Rituals

This is an invaluable tool for anyone who work with or is interested in the Universe and her energy. 

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