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Healing  Peace  Insight  Clarity  Renewal  Balance  Transformation


MONDAY NIGHTS 6:45pm - 8:15pm 


2017 is a year of great opportunity. It is a year of new beginnings, but more than that,

it is the foundation for the next 9 years. Put quite simply what you do this year will

set the energetic climate for your future. These Soul Journey Mindfulness Meditations will help up you restore balance, peace, harmony within your body and mind, whilst awakening your spiritual self and the life your were destined to lead.


I have seen time and time again through my work with people and also within my own personal journey, that we can become side tracked looking for who we are, what it is we are supposed to be doing, and the answers to the questions that float around in our heads tirelessly. It often leaves us feeling more disconnected and lost and with more questions than we actually have answers for.


You see, the greatest journey any of us can go on, in the journey within that will connect us to our soul. Our soul is a vast immortal ocean of wisdom, knowledge, power, healing, nurture, sustenance, peace and solace.  It offers us answers to the questions our human minds cannot grasp, it affords us a compass to navigate our way through life, and the inspiration to follow our dreams and live a life that is worthy of us.


The purpose of a Soul Journey Mindfulness Meditations is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment which enables and assists you to focus on your spiritual & personal development. To quiet the mind, still the body and connect within. Each week sound and vibration will be used to create a space of mindfulness, healing and wisdom to reconnect with the truest, purest part of ourselves. This is a gentle yet powerful process of transformation, awakening and empowerment which will invite you to step more fully into who you truly are with confidence and certainty.

Monday 20th Feb

Monday 27th Feb

Monday 8th March

Monday 13th March

Monday 20th March

Monday 27th March -  Break

Monday 3rd April

Monday 10th April

Monday 17th April

Monday 24th April

Monday 1st May

Monday 8th May

MONDAY NIGHTS 6:45pm -8:15pm       Anam Cara House - Little Mountain

                              Cost: $480 upfront or 4 X$135 or $50 weekly (casual)


Upfront Special $480                  Payment Plan $135                     Weekly Payments

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