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  • Do you struggle with CONFIDENCE in your mediumship?

  • Does FEAR stop you from connecting fully?

  • Do you doubt the connection and the information? 

Then this one day intensive in for YOU!

This workshop is designed for beginners to intermediate level, who want to explore and strengthen their mediumship (connecting with the Spirit World). So basic knowledge and ability is preferred.

Some believe that mediums are born and that you cannot learn mediumship if you are not born with the gift. But, I say how do you know you weren't? I am a medium and it wasn't until after I turned 30 years, that I even become aware of the spirit world and my mediumystic tendencies.

So perhaps mediums are born but they just awaken their gifts at different times under certain conditions.

I encourage you, if you are drawn to mediumship, or fascinated by it or you have a loved one in the spirit world who you would like to learn how to connect with, then please come along and share this powerful ONE DAY INTENSIVE where you'll get some practicle tips and a whole lot of experience.

This will be a fun, interactive, in person development circle in which you will be supported, nurtured and guided to expand your awareness and connect with the spirit world.

About the Facilitator


Samantha is regarded as a leading expert in the areas of Soul, Spirituality and is regarded as one of Australia’s most loved Psychic Mediums. Samantha has also gained an international reputation for her heartfelt readings. Samantha has trained all around the world with world famous mediums and was offered a teaching position with internationally acclaimed UK medium Tony Stockwell.

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