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Sunday 12th May

10.30am- 4:30pm

Anam Cara House - Little Mountain


Are you either single or in a relationship that needs a little love makeover?

Are you with someone but alone or lonely in the relationship?

I hear your cry! I was in a very long marriage where I felt like a single gal without any of the single gal benefits. If only I had known what to do to change the situation around before it ended the way it did. We so often settle for the familiar in our relationships, we get caught up in the rhythm even if it is not our own instinctual rhythm and we just keep that same beat going day after day, week after week, year after year!

It is not too late to turn it around and create the nurturing and full relationship you need.

Attention all you Single Ladies

Looking for love in all the wrong places....

So your single and ready to find someone, but where do you start?

Where are all the eligible, sincere, genuine and compatible people? Do they exist or are you destined for a life alone?

Do you find that you keep attracting the wrong sort of partner into your life?

Time feels like it is ticking away and you still haven’t found that perfect someone that you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Instead, you find yourself dating horrible, aggressive, needy or lazy guys who have no similar interests or longevity. Perhaps you tired of looking for love in all the wrong places?

It seems that no matter how hard you try, pray or ask, you just cant seem to attract the right sort of person into your life to stay.


Sound familiar?

You are not alone! Unfortunately many of us are inadvertently sabotaging the process of attracting and keeping our ideal match. Finding a match is not easy, there are billions of people in this world but really only a select few that can peak our interest. Where do you begin? How can you narrow down the search and attract the perfect partner?

Here is the key...

You don't attract what you want into your life you attract from your place of woundedness and insecurity, ultimately at an unconscious level you attract people who echo your suppressed feelings and what you believe you are worth.


Before you start the blame game, pity party or throw the relationship towel in, know this......

YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER to change this and create a

fulfilling relationship with your ideal person.


This fun, informative and powerful workshop will show you:

  • How to change your level of attraction instantly

  • Why you keep attracting the wrong people

  • Why you are sabotaging your chances at a lasting relationship

  • How to get clear of what you want and why you want it

  • Teach you universal principles to speed up the process of attracting the ideal partner 

  • Place the power back in your hands

There will be a break for lunch. There is a cafe and takeaways shops within a 3 minute drive. Or you are welcome to BYO lunch.  All materials will be supplied (excluding online course)

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