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(aka "Lil Unfuckers")

The energy is super intense at the moment and lots of people are a little frayed around the edges.... or let's just state it how it is, the energy's a little fucked and it's fucking with us!!

Worry Stones are a perfect alternative to killing someone, or saying things you might later regret, or eating your bodyweight in chocolate.

The act of rubbing the stone between your thumb and pointer finger, not only activates the energy of the crystal but pressure points associated with fear and worry are stimulated. This sends signals to your brain to release endorphins which naturally calm the mind and helps us feel good... and hopefully prevent a regrettable moment.

Great to have in your pocket or at your desk   


Only $12 each

♡Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love, forgiveness, healing
♡Tiger Eye - Depression, luck, mental clarity
♡Lapis - Protection, communication, confidence.
♡Green Aventurine- Prosperity. Defuses negativity, Decisions
♡ Black Agate - Energy Stabiliser, Self Confidence, Concentration
♡ Kambaba Jasper - Peace, Calming, Balance, Focus
♡Lepidolite- Reduces stress & depression, Defuses Negativity
♡Larvikite - Assimilating information, Patience, Repels Negativity
♡ Bloodstone - Vitality, Clarity, Wisdom and Courage
♡ Rainbow Moonstone- Nurturing, Intuition, Empowering & Balance 

Postage is $3 each or combined postage for 2 is $5 

Gift boxed 4 or more $9.95. Pick up available from Sunshine Coast.

WHAT.... You need them all?
Package deal Buy 10 for on $85. (Hint- Great for gifts)

About the same price as a cheap bottle of wine, but more effective and longer lasting. Do yourself or someone else a favour 


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