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Meraki Spirit Inspired Jewellery

Meraki Spirit Inspired Jewellery is a range of healing jewellery created in meditation and whilst connected to spirit. Each piece is unique, hand crafted and precious.


Goddess of Unconditional Love  is looking for her guardian. This stunning grounding and soothing necklace is infused with unconditional love and connected to healing energy of the Angels.  

Trauma from the past can hide in our feelings, behaviours and beliefs in the present. Sometimes we bury the trauma so deep that we are unaware of why we search for love and meaning in all the wrong places or why we react the way we do. This beautiful goddess is created from polymer clay and featured stunning Aquamarine, Rose Quartz and Turquoise.

▪Aquamarine helps balance excessive anger or fear, and clears past emotional, physical or verbal abuse. It heals the effects of over-judgmental patterns which stem from childhood and can linger in adulthood in the form of guilt and inadequacy.

▪Rose Quartz , the crystal of universal love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart to self-love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

▪︎Turquoise is a purification stone, which balances and aligns all the chakras, and is excellent for refocus and overcoming obstacles.

    The message that came through when creating this piece was:

"You needed love and acceptance and it wasn't there. You need protection and nurture and it wasn't there. You needed encouragement and reassurance and it wasn't there.  You carry the trauma of the heartbreaks, the wounds, the injustices deep inside your heart. It is time precious one, to release and heal. You are not your past, you are not defined by the tears you carry. Allow the Angels, Guides and Guardians to wrap you in unconditional love to help you release the emotions that do not serve you and replace them the energy miracles are made of"

Each piece will call to their guardian,  as this piece has been birthed just for you. 

Carrying the energy that only you need to help you heal. 


If this Goddess is calling to you, the exchange is only $85 plus postage.


Each Meraki Necklace is gift boxed and included the channelled message and meaning of the crystals used to create her.

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