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Meraki Spirit Inspired Jewellery

Meraki Spirit Inspired Jewellery is a range of healing jewellery created in meditation and whilst connected to spirit. Each piece is unique, hand crafted and precious.


Goddess of Transformation is looking for her guardian. This empowering and transformative necklace is infused with unconditional love and connected to healing energy of the Angels.  

Change is inevitable but transformation is a choice. This beautiful necklace was birthed to remind the wearer that transformation is possible and that the best is yet to come! This beautiful goddess is created from polymer clay and featured stunning Charoites and Fluorite.


▪Charoites energy is all about transformation and empowerment. It assists you to bring your gifts to the world so that everyone can benefit, and its vibration encourages you share this gift with others. A highly protective stone that shields you from negativity. and helps you in overcoming fear of all types. 

▪︎Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing crystal, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit. Furthermore, it is all about being in-tune with yourself and finding your own flow. Fluorite knows how to balance energy beautifully. It keeps you grounded which helps you feel safe and stable, but it also invites you to leap a little higher and transform situations.

    The message that came through when creating this piece was:

"At times life can feel overwhelming as if everything is against you. We have heard you silent prayers for things to be different and we have answered. Everything that you have been through has prepared you for this moment of transformation. Like a phoenix that finally takes flight rising from the ashes, you are about to rise in triumph! Let this energy remind and align you to the new life, opportunities and blessings that await you"

Each piece will call to their guardian,  as this piece has been birthed just for you. 

Carrying the energy that only you need to help you heal. 


If this Goddess is calling to you, the exchange is only $85 plus postage. As a bonus, you will receive the matching earrings (valued at $25) as a free gift.


Each Meraki Necklace is gift boxed and included the channelled message and meaning of the crystals used to create her.

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