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Card One

The intuitive message of Card One ~ Just for you

At times through this journey of life you have felt like the black sheep, disconnected and lost. This is  card that is here to remind you that you are not alone! You have a team of guides, guardians and angels who work on your behalf behind the scenes of your life. They are aware of your concerns, your burdens, and your worries. The offer you support, love and solutions to the things that weigh heavy on your heart.... but you need to call on them. Use simple words like "Angels please assist me right now" or "Please give me a sign to show me you are near". The law of freewill stops them from being able to act on your behalf without your consent. They are your team of champions, waiting for you to invite their assistance.

They come offering you healing and release from the worries and pressure you may be experiencing at the moment. You don’t need to know who they are to ask them for help and assistance. They love you more than words can express and are helping resolve matters and align your path forward.

You are a sensitive soul and the recent events have deeply impacted you. You are being guided to hand over the problems to the angels, guides and guardians. Lean on them for support and guidance and know that the situation is being healed, transformed and evolved. Please know that  you are loved and you do make a difference in this world.

Forgiveness is the key as it releases you from the energetic ties to the situation and/or people. When we are able to let go of the energetic burden of the situation, then we let go of the need to control the outcome. Everything is happening in accordance to divine timing. Remember we are here to help, you just need to ask.

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Work with Samantha and transform your life

Each year Samantha opens up a limited number of places for people to work with here in a personalised mentoring process which is designed around you and your individual needs. With her full skill set available to you, these sessions are empowering and transformational . Whether you want to focus on overcoming issues in your personal life, awakening and refining your own spiritual gifts or building your career/business, this is a one of a kind program.


psychic reading banner-page-001.jpg
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