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Life and love continue beyond the physical world. As a Medium I am blessed to be able to touch the soul of another in a profound way. The ability to be able to connect people with the essence of their loved ones in the spirit world is a miracle and a privilege. Mediumship is not an exact science and no two readings are the same. As a medium, I believe you never stop learning; you never stop developing your skills and fine tuning your gift. My promise to you is I will always give my all to make the connection possible.



I wanted to connect to Mum, not my Aunty!


All mediums are different and have different strengths. Just like all people are different and have different strengths. The way mediumship works is that the spirit world use references that are known and familiar to the medium. This is why you may go to a medium and they bring through your Aunty Betty who was the life of the party, when you really wanted to connect with your mum who was more reserved and quiet. A good medium may bring Aunty Betty through first to establish the connection, but mum will also be there and able to join in as the link strengthens.


I want my dad’s middle name, then I will believe it is him!


Because the spirit world work with the mediums reference and knowledge it is important for the recipient not to have particular pieces of evidence that they are wanting in order to validate the connection. For example, if someone comes to me and they are waiting for Dad’s middle name, they may be disappointed. If they come however open to the array of other evidence about dad and his life then I am able to bring the fullest essence of him to the session and not just focus on a name (names are NOT my strong point with the living or those in the spirit world). Again the spirit world work with the Medium's references and ski


What happens if I cannot connect to your loved one?


There are many reason why a connection may not be possible, sometimes it is to do with the medium, the recipients energy, the connection between the medium and recipient and sometimes there is no reason, it just doesn’t happen. This does not mean that your loved ones are not around, it just means that at the point in time, the miracle that is being able to communicate with those who have crossed over is not possible. If this occurs during the reading, then the medium or the recipient can choose to end the session and reschedule to try again at another time.


Will you read for me, my mum just passed last night?


This is a hard question to answer but usually my answer will be NO unless I am instructed by the spirit world to do so. The reason for this is that I experienced having a reading the night my nan passed as I was at a mediumship training course (ironic, I know!). A very competent medium tried to assist me and connect me with Nan. Now for whatever reason, perhaps my grief, the shock of nans passing or nans own healing that needed to take place once she passed to the Spirit world, it did not work. More than this the information provided was incorrect and it made me feel worse. As amazing as it is to get validation that your loved one in the spirit world lives on, it is also important, to allow yourself the opportunity to grieve their physical loss. I would never want someone to feel the way I did then.


This is a gift, so shouldn’t it be free?


Mediumship is indeed a gift and the gift itself is free. What costs money is the training and the hours and hours of development that goes into learning how to use this gift, develop it, strengthen and refine it. My intent was to learn from someone credible, ethical and respected. I asked the spirit world to provide opportunities for me to be trained by the right people, and they did. I didn’t even know who Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell were when I was told they would be my teachers. To my surprise they did not live in Australia and were world famous Psychic Mediums. Training with the world’s best mediums all over the world costs a lot of money but I trusted that this was what I was supposed to do. 


How do I know which medium to go to?


You should always either go on reputation/referral or trust your intuition. If you trust your intuition you will be guided to the right person. Check ou their testimonials from others.

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