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Sometimes we all end up at a crossroad on our life path and we just can’t for the life of us figure out which road forward we should take. It can be a lonely and stressful situation and the inability to make a informed decision can lead to stress and myriad of other issues... that's where I can help!

The word 'Psychic' comes from a Greek word 'psukhikos' meaning breath” and “soul”. 

An intuitive consultation is where Samantha will access her psychic gifts of sensing (clairsentience), seeing (clairvoyance), knowing (claircognizance) and hearing (clairaudience) to provide you with information to assist your life. Samantha is a truly gifted intuitive who is accurate, genuine and caring. She reads without the need for cards, crystals, or any other divination tool.





Can you predict my Future?


The future is a fascinating concept. Whilst a great Psychic can tell you things about your future based on your energy trajectory at the time of the reading, no one (not even the world’s best psychic- whoever they might be) can predict your future with 100% accuracy. Why? Because with each moment, each thought, each feeling and each action you are creating your future. You are the creator of your destiny. Changing your future is as simple (or perhaps complex) as changing the way you think, feel and do! Remember Energy goes where you attention flows. Sure, we all have destinies we came here to fulfil, gifts to share with the world, but how and when we do that is up to us. How exciting is that, seriously! The mentoring program I offer is all anout your being the creator or creatress of your future.



 Why do people have Intuitive Consultations?


People have readings for many reasons but mainly because they need guidance, insight, inspiration and direction. Often what you’ll hear you already know deep down within yourself, you just needed someone else to affirm what your soul already knew. A reading should be an empowering process, not fear based or sprinkled with doom and gloom. You may not always hear what you want to hear, but you will always be ready for the truth and as the saying goes “the truth shall set you free”.



Can you tell me about my Partner/Friend/Boss etc?


Yes and No. Yes in as much as it relates to your direct need to know in that moment. Otherwise no, as I work with consent. So although it is possible to read for a person who is not present (without their consent), it is not of the highest integrity to do so. I can give you some basic information but will not invade another’s righty for privacy by going into in-depth details without a person’s consent.



 Is my information confidential?


Yes Absolutely! I have read and consulted for celebrities, Politicians, Business People and exceptional people living very normal lives. You will never hear me name drop or repeat information. In most instances I barely retain the information that comes through as it is not of my awareness.


           Can you tell me what to do?

A reading should empower you to make your own decisions. You should never give someone else the power to make decisions on your behalf. When a psychic becomes your personal decision maker, then this is co-dependent, disempowering to you and very financially viable to the psychic. A great psychic will give you all the information and confidence to be empowered to make your own decisions. The Mentoring program that I offer is about giving you ongoing support, insight and guidance to transform situations and fast track your destiny instead of perpetually going around in circles.



 This is a gift, so shouldn’t it be free?


Psychic Intuition and mediumship is indeed a gift and the gift itself is free. What costs money is the training and the hours and hours of development that goes into learning how to use this gift, develop it, strengthen and refine it. I was called into this work full time and left the corporate world to be of service to those requiring my unique set of gifts. My gifts are different yet just as important to be valued as those of a hairdresser, beautician, plumber, lawyer, doctor etc.  



How do I know which Psychic Medium to go to?


You should always either go on reputation/referral or trust your own gut instinct. If you trust your intuition you will be guided to the right person. People consult Psychic Mediums for many reasons but not all Psychic Mediums are the same. Some have had extensive training and are bound by professional conduct, ethics and protocol, whilst others are a law unto themselves. Readings should be transformational, empowering you forward on your journey with momentum, purpose and conviction. However, I have witnessed way too many people who come to me after having had a rouge reading by a unprofessional Psychic who uses fear as a tool of financial manipulation, terrorising and traumatising with untruths and fear based crap. So before you chose to have a reading please ensure that you have checked out the Psychic Medium. Do they have qualifications? Are there testimonials? Have they come highly recommended?   Remember the old proverb “You get what you pay for”.

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