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Tickets: $55

Join Samantha as she connect with the wisdom, healing and guidance of the Spirit world to bring forth guidance, inspiration, messages and healing to help you move forward with clarity and certainty in her beautifully intimate workshop space filled with comfy couches and incredible healing energy.


Samantha Gillard is not only one of Australia's most loved Psychic Mediums but has gained an International reputation for her heartfelt and accurate readings. Samantha has trained all over the world with world famous psychic mediums in addition to teaching and demonstrating alongside them. In 2017 Samantha was chosen by celebrity UK Medium Tony Stockwell to be part of his international teaching team.


Samantha Gillard has read for celebrity's, lawyers, doctors, successful entrepreneurs and mums and dads from all walks of life..... and now Emerald, it is your turn! This is an intimate evening with Samantha not to be missed.



Tickets cost $55 and include:


• Psychic Demonstration & Healing

• Q&A with Samantha following demonstration

• Tea & Coffee

• Lots and lots of laughs and insightful moments



Samantha will endeavour to read as many people in attendance as possible. An individual reading however cannot be guaranteed as it will be up to the guides and guardians she is working with in the night. Everyone will however be part of the collective healing that will take place on the night. 


Booking and prepayment essential to secure your place. These intimate nights always sell out!


What previous attendees have said:


So spot on it was scary....


I was glad I was invited to the "Night of Psychic Fun" on Friday. It was my 1st time meeting someone like Sam & my mini reading was so spot on it was scary. I want to learn more so I will have a personal reading with her as I felt so relaxed not like I expected she is so much fun. I have talked about it all day at work & I will be taking a few friends with me. Thank you Sam.            J.C (QLD)


I loved every moment...


I have enjoyed private reading/healing sessions with Sam many times and am always blown away at how amazing she is.. but the other night I attended a "Night of Psychic Fun" which was a group of people having mini readings done in the one room. I really didn't know what to expect - and I loved every moment of it!! Even when I was getting a lecture I loved it... As usual my messages were delivered with empathy, humour and a directness that I adore. Sam you are quite simply (without being simple!) amazing and I love and appreciate how you work in your fantastical world. You inspire me, you encourage me, you make me want to be.... "me".             P.M. (QLD)


I am always blown away by the information....


I have had a number of psychic readings with Samantha Gillard and have found her on every occasion to be extremely professional, accurate and skilful. She is highly intuitive and is always able to present possible solutions and options in a kind and caring manner. She has a beautiful healing energy and always focuses on what I need to know to help me through whatever is happening in my life at the time of the reading. She is always able to identify specific events, situations and feelings that she would have no way of knowing otherwise and is able to target those areas of my life that need attention. She is insightful and knowledgeable and has the ability to dissect ones energy and see what is happening at a profound and deep level, and I am always blown away by the information she gives me. Samantha is a psychic of great ability and integrity, and I invariably come away from her readings with a greater understanding of myself, and an action plan to move forward. Over the years she has predicted job and life changes that surprised my at the time, but have all come to pass. After every reading with Sam my life has moved forward in a positive and healing direction.                                  H.M (Maroochydore)


Extremely professional...


I have had psychic readings with Samantha over the past few years and each time the information given was both accurate and very helpful in steering me to make decisions that were positive steps in both my every day family life and my spiritual journey. Sam is extremely professional and gives out the information as it is presented to her without trying to push what she may believe the message to mean. If the message given was not clear to me she would always seek more information/clues to try and assist me to grasp what was being put forward. Sometimes the message would not immediately make sense but sure enough somewhere along the line it would become very clear as to what the meaning was.


I believe Sam to be a very gifted psychic who is completely honest and trustworthy and holds client confidentiality in the highest regard.    A.D. (QLD)

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