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Limited Private Readings with Samantha


Psychic Readings in Emerald with Psychic Sam


Two days only, yes this trip is short and sweet due to her busy schedule.


Friday 13th December

Saturday 14th December

in Emerald QLD

To book, text Samantha on 0400119064 for available appointment times. Readings will be held at a private residence in Emerald.

$50 non refundable deposit required

to secure your booking time


Returning from running a transformational Unf#ck Your Life Retreat in Bali and just finishing the 30 ways in 30 days Unf#ck Your Life online challenge, Samantha is running a half day seminar highlighting the 5 main life hacks needed to change your life!

What do you get when you combine the prowess of 7 years studying psychology and how the brain works, with innate abilities in intuition, healing and clairvoyance (which quite literally need to be seen to be believe), sprinkled with a side dash of the humour factor of someone who once did a stint as a stand up comedian in the comedy clubs of brisbane? 


Yep... you guessed it- You get to Unf#ck Your Life with Samantha Gillard!


Samantha is know ordinary woman and what she offers is not your run of the mill seminars filled with blah, blah.... blah! 

She is a fascinating multi talented woman who will make you see life with brand new eyes and help you sort the shit storm that can be life in a way that is not only powerfully transformative but also entertaining. Her no bullshit approach combined with her heartfelt sincerity and humour will help you start the process of taking back control of this thing called life.

Fucked up shit happens to everyone, and no one is immune to the weather patterns life throws at us, but there is a way that you can weatherproof yourself!


In this half day seminar you will learn the top 5 life hacks that will put you in back in charge and transform your life.

So whether your area of fucked up is:

  • relationship

  • work

  • finance

  • health

  • self esteem 


then this is for you!

P.S. Side note- if you don't like that word fuck, then this probably isn't the forum for you to Unf#ck Your Life. It is just a word used strategically to help shock the brain into firing and rewiring in a different way!



Are your ready to Unf#ck Your Life?


Proudly 100% produced and printed here is Australia with a company that supports and employs marginalised young people.



Due to luggage restrictions, if you would like to guarantee your set of Unf#ck Your Life Cards please use order form below.

EMERALD- You are the first people to get to own your set of Unf#ck Your LIfe Healing Cards!

They will be hot off the publishing press and ready for purchase!

The Unf#ck Your Life healing guidance cards are designed to help you look at the subconscious issues (those buried beneath your conscious thought) that are impacting your life.


Can you relate to making an empowered decision to step up, be brave, be seen and live your purpose? To share with the world that unique special thing only you have to offer.


So ‘Why is so f#cking hard?’ Two steps forward and at times ten steps backwards down a slippery slope covered in shit!

Approximately 90% of your mind is against you. Preprogrammed and conditioned to operate with outdated belief systems and limitations.... the kicker is that you're not even aware of this because it is happening in your subconscious mind. Self-sabotage, procrastination, fear, stress, and dis-ease all symptoms of what is going on underneath the surface.


These cards are divinely inspired and have been created with the Intent of can be used for inspiration, clarity, insight, guidance and healing. They are tools of awareness and invitations to heal.


This powerful set of cards hold the intention and creation energy of bringing issues that are not balanced into awareness and working with you to release, transform and ultimately heal.

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