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Meraki Spirit Inspired Jewellery

Meraki Spirit Inspired Jewellery is a range of healing jewellery created in meditation and whilst connected to spirit. Each piece is unique, hand crafted and precious.

Earth Harmoniser

Earth Harmoniser 

Do you ever feel disconnected from life? The earth has incredible healing powers for those who know how to tap into her. This necklace has been designed to connect you into the earths healing energy, to offer grounding, balance, rejuvenation, wisdom and healing.

•Jasper is a grounding stone which can align chakras. It brings courage, strength and willpower. Said to soothe heart-ache and bring about emotional balance, while promoting peace and happiness. Jasper is an excellent energizing stone. It inspires a positive joyful outlook and eases stress.

•Lime Green Agate assists with adjusting and balancing energy.

    The message that came through when creating this piece was:

"The earth has provided all the resources and ingredients for a happy, healthy, balanced life. Although the demands of life can through us off balance, this beautiful Earth Harmonser will help connect you to the abundance of the Earth's offerings" .

Each piece will call to their guardian,  as this piece has been birthed just for you. 

Carrying the energy that only you need to help you heal. 


If this Goddess is calling to you, the exchange is only $45 plus postage.


Each Meraki Necklace is gift boxed and included the channelled message and meaning of the crystals used to create her.

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