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Spirit Animal Messenger: Eagle

You have chosen the Eagle as a reminder of your own qualities of strength, courage, wisdom and power. The message of the Eagle for you today signals that it is time to rise above the things in your life that are keeping you stuck and small. The eagles asks you to view your

circumstances from a different perspective, in fact from a soul perspective. 

What is being offered is the freedom of being able to remove yourself form the emotions and see the bigger picture of who you are and where you are headed on this journey through life, gaining clarity and insight. To do this you are asked to rise above the drama, first world problems and the physicality of life to see that you, in all your infinite wisdom, power and strength have the power to change your situation, your life in incredible ways… if you so choose.

Remember Eagle also offers the medicine of courage. Time to release your limited perspectives, comfortable and familiar thought patterns (even when they don’t appear to be working), and fly into a larger world and higher spiritual realms.  

It is time for you to spread your wings and soar into the greatness. Embrace the energy of renewal which is here to assist you at this time.

About Smantha Gillard

Samantha Gillard is an internationally respected Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher, Mentor and Shamanic Ceremony & Ritual Facilitator. Samantha is renowned for her accuracy, authenticity and heartfelt transformative work.  Samantha has had the privilege of being mentored by some of the world’s best, as well as studying at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College. Samantha was also chosen by Tony Stockwell to be part of his teaching team of esteemed tutors from across the globe in 2017.

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