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The Message of Dragonfly Two

Put your needs first!


If you were drawn to this dragonfly there is a good chance that in some way you have a feeling of being responsible for those in your world. This dragonflies message to you is  to reconnect with the lighter, playful and joyous side of life… It does not have to be heavy and serious all the time.


It is your time to have your needs met, to indulge and little and allow life to pamper you instead of you always being the one who tends to the needs of others. You do a wonderful job, however, you much replenish your own energy and support yourself right now. Your world has become too heavy and to laden with responsibilities. 

Be carefree, spontaneous and child-like. The more you can engage your inner child, that is the childlike innocence and spirit within to assist you to be less serious and less responsible for others, the sooner you will begin to feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders or perhaps even shift from you waist. It is also time to release the past as it is preventing you from fully accepting the abundance that is awaiting you in the present.

We you recharge your energy and take care of yourself, everyone in your world benefits!

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