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Sometimes we all end up at a crossroad or a perceived dead end on our life path and we just can’t for the life of us figure out which road forward we should take. It can be a lonely and stressful situation and the inability to make a informed decision can lead to stress and myriad of other issues. That's where I come in... my expertise is helping people move forward confidently and successfully on their life path.


Intuitive Consultations for Life or Business (75mins) 

These sessions are wonderful if you are needing guidance, insight, inspiration and/or direction. At these times, a one off session with Samantha can really help clarify what you need to know to make empowered life or business decisions 


Intuitive Consultations for Health & Wellness (75mins)

These sessions are about working with you on a holistic level - Body, Mind & Soul. These sessions provide you with insight into your strengths, challenges and gifts as well as addressing the needs of your physical and emotional wellbeing. They incorporate Intuitive Insight (Psychic Mediumship) and Energy Healing/Clearing.  that your soul has come here to express this lifetime. It can be a truly liberating process to discover who you really are and why you are here. 



Energy Healing/Clearing Package (4 X 75mins Sessions)

At times we need to take a layered approach to solving issues to ensure that we are getting to the root of the issue and not just working on the surface level stuff. This package offers a transformational way to bring your body back into a state of balance and wellness. The body knows how to heal itself we just need to get it started and create the environment within for the healing to occur.






Book Your Wellness Sessions

Book Your Wellness Session

Book Your Intuitive Consult

Mentoring Program (3, 6 & 12 months) 

Sometimes we are ready to make the commitment for BIG CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION. You may have achieved success is your life, in fact your life may be really good, but you still feel like there is more, something missing in your life yet you can’t quite put your finger on it.


Perhaps you've hit the illusive glass ceiling; you know there is more, yet you just can’t seem to access it. You know deep inside  you that you were born for more than you are currently living, at  times  you tell  yourself  that  it  is just wishful thinking, yet you  cannot  shake  the feeling  that you  are here for something big,  but what is it and how do you reach it?


Mentoring  with  Samantha  is about uncovering your soul self, the real you before the world told you and shaped you into being. If you are honest with yourself, you know you were  born  for  a  destiny greater that what you are currently living. So what stops you from stepping up and out into the world of your destiny?




Business Mentoring Program (3, 6 & 12 months)


Imagine if your business came with a crystal ball to guide you with decisions and see into the future within your business! Think about the time, money and heartache you could save if you had access to that sort of information. Well, now you can!


Samantha uses her skills as an intuition expert, mentor, advisor and educator to help businesses and entrepreneurs see their world with sharp clarity and deep insight, allowing them to achieve a new perspective that will allow them to excel further, climb higher, accomplish more, find meaning and deeper levels of success and fulfilment.


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