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Covid 19 has impacted all of us in different ways and we are all feeling the pressure and the strain of the pandemic. However, here in Australia we are luckier than some countries, we have some government assistance, a free subsidised medical system and enough food on our plates to fill our belly.

This isn't the case for the beautiful people of Bali. No health care system, no government assistance and with a tourism being suspended, there is no way for the beautiful people of Bali to sustain themselves or feed their families. Whilst we cannot help everyone, we can help some. 

Before I left Bali, I set up a wellness fund for the staff at the beautiful resort. My intuition told me they would need some assistance before I left, I did this privately to ensure that my balinese family would be able to access assistance in times of illness/injury. This money has since supported them to buy staple food items like rice for all of the staff, but the money is running low and there is no reprieve to the Covid tourism lock down in sight.


With 106 staff at the resort, and no capacity to earn any money, I would love it if you could help me send some more money to those in need in Bali. There are staff at the resort, Adit (driver) Wayan, Ketut and family.

Just so you know $200 AUD in the average wage earned monthly by employed balinese. So it wont take a lot from each of our pockets to gift back the kindness that each of us where extended when we were in Bali.  Plus when we act with kindness we benefit enormously.

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