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Level I & II Animal Reiki

Saturday 2nd September (9:30am-5pm)

Sunday 3rd September


Monday 4th September


Completion of these two levels allows you to work as a qualified Reiki Practitioner and meets requirements for professional indemnity and public liability Insurance as well as eligibility for membership to either Reiki Australia or IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapists).

Although Reiki is more commonly used on humans it can be a powerfully effective modality for working with animals to strengthen and heal dis-ease, imbalances and behavioural issues. Reiki is ideal for use with animals because it is gentle and non-invasive and can be given in remotely via distance healing. This means that you could give Reiki to all the stray and/or abandoned animals in the world or perhaps the endangered species. Closer to home, it means you have a way to treat and help you fur, feathered or scaled babies to sustain, maintain or improve their health and wellbeing.

I have been a Reiki Master for over 8 years now and have used it on animals on hundreds of occasions. I have seen it bring animals back to life, cease suffering, heal instantly when dogs have been yelping uncontrollably and settle anxiety and emotional imbalances. My own fur babies when they injure themselves come to me straight away to have the Reiki energy administered to them. You can see the relief in their little eyes as the energy heals, restores and relieves the pain/issue.

There is nothing worse to a sensitive soul than seeing the suffering of an innocent creature. Learning Reiki enabled me to have a way to assist instead of feeling sad and hopeless. Now you can too….

Reiki Level I & II will teach you:

  • Emotional Balancing & Healing

  • Healing  self and others

  • Animal Healing

  • How to send healing to animals 

  • Sending healing to past issues to alleviate behavioural issues

  • Balancing and working with the chakras


Included in Price


  • Level I & II Workshop & Attunement

  • Comprehensive Reiki Workbook

  • Information on working as a practitioner

  • Personalised support & guidance

  • Nourishing Lunch and Refreshments (Sat&Sun only)

  • On-line Support & Guidance (3 months)

  • Money Back Guarantee*

  • Framed Certificate



After nearly 10 years of teaching Reiki, Sam is so confident that she can attune and teach Reiki to anyone that she offer a money back guarantee (conditions apply)

Terms & Condition & Cancellation Policy

ANIMAL REIKI I & II                              ANIMAL REIKI I & II                      ANIMAL REIKI I & II                       ANIMAL REIKI I & II      

     Full Payment  Price                                         Deposit  Only                                              Balance                                      Return Reiki Student          

                  $650                                                        $250                                                  $450                                                   $450                                                        

Reiki Masters

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