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Day 1| Tues 7th August 2018

We meet at a Hotel at Heathrow airport (Hotel TBA) at 9am, where you are greeted as friend and introduced to the people in person that you have come to know through emails and private forums. From here we will travel on route to the mystical and magical land of Avalon (Glastonbury). This is one of my most favourite places for healing in the entire world as it is associated with the earths chakra and is on the Mary Michael energy leyline. Once in Glastonbury we will stop for lunch and browse the eclectic crystal, magick and newage shops.

We will check into our accommodation for the next two nights, which is a beautiful farm cottage situation on the side of the TOR. Relax, unwind and soak up all the healing energy that Glastonbury has to offer those whose enter with hearts open.

This afternoon we will do the spirit walk up the TOR with ceremony once on top. This is one of the many highlights of this experience as the walk itself is a personal journey of self-discovery, acknowledgement and strengthening your link with Spirit. 

Day 2 | Wed 8th August 2018


Our healing journey continues in Glastonbury today, with visits to the Abby and the sacred temple of the white spring. This temple is a special place of healing and cleansing, with an opportunity to enter the temple pools (if you feel inclined). This temple is dedicated to the Celtic Goddess Brigit and is one of the most sacred places I have visited. Tonight we will enter the sacred garden of the red healing spring associated with both Christ and the Divine feminine energy. We will partake in another empowering and soulful ceremony of reconnection to our soul and spirit. 

Day 3 | Thurs 9th August 2018

Our pilgrimage today leads us to Avebury, a village which sits in the middle of a unique megalithic ritual landscape of giant stone circles and avenues. There will be free time here to wander and connect with the ancient energy and wisdom of these giant stones and sacred trees that exist on this site (one of my favourite energy spots).  We will have lunch together at the Red Lion a beautiful pub in the heart of this little village. This afternoon we make our way to the historic town of Bath.

Day 4 | Friday 10th August 2018


Today we explore Bath and all the charm and power of this historic village. Bath is significant in Celtic history as it is the the site of the seeress/clairvoyant/oracle Goddess Sulis Minerva. From this site a mineral spring flows which is said to have healing powers.You will have the option of enjoying the Thermal springs or travelling around this historic town on the hop on hop off bus- The choice is yours. 

This afternoon we head to Salisbury, the home of of the sacred stone temple of Stonehenge.

Day 5 | Saturday 11th August 2018

This morning is special as we visit Stonehenge (Afterhours access to the inner stone circle at Stonehenge pending availability). Here in the sacred temple of stones we gather to build our power and connection to Spirit through ritual and ceremony. We also explore Wood Henge a mysterious site of heightened energy and speculation.

Mid Morning we make our way to oour spiritual sanctuary for the next 7 days, Arthur Findlay College. 


Day 12 | Saturday 18th August 2018

Today we bid farewell to our new found connections and friends at the AFC and make our way back to Heathrow Airport with Inspiration in our hearts and the knowledge that we have grown as people and as mediums. We will hold a final ceremony on the grounds of AFC this morning, giving thanks to all (in the physical and spirit world) who made this a life enhancing and never to be forgotten experience.

Samantha Gillard is an internationally respected Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher, Mentor and Shamanic Ceremony & Ritual Facilitator. Samantha is renowned for her accuracy, authenticity and heartfelt transformative work.  Samantha has had the privilege of being mentored by some of the world’s best, as well as studying at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College. Samantha was also chosen by Tony Stockwell to be part of his teaching team of esteemed tutors (which included Lynn Probert, Helen DaVita, SImone Key and Natalie Walker) from across the globe in 2017.

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