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Golden Chakra


Allow your sacred stones to pick you! Sign up to the VIP Crystal club and receive surprise crystal(s) to help with what you uniquely need to heal and succeed, every month.

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Crystal Ball


Allow Psychic Sam to choose the exact crystal needed to assist you through the next phase of your journey in accordance with your budget. 

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Golden Crystals


The perfect gift of love, encouragement and support. This high vibing gifts are intuitively selected for the needs of your recipient.  The perfect gift for any occasion.

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How Ziba Crystals started....


Crystals were a huge part of the beginning of my spiritual journey. Although I didn’t understand much about energy and metaphysics back then, there was something comforting and compelling about these coloured rocks, it was as if they chose me to buy them. I had rocks of many colours, unaware of their names or their healing properties.


In 2010 when I first open my healing centre, I stocked many crystals in my shop. When I closed the business and started travelling and working from my home studio, I stopped purchasing and selling these beautiful gems.... until now.


I had ignored the call of the crystals for many years, too busy in my own work to devote time and attention to them. Fast forward to 2020 which was always destined to be a big year (from a Numerology 22/00 and Astrological perspective), and with Covid and the global fear pandemic, it certainly changed things.


On a personal level I was no longer able to run my international transformational retreats, and for my partner Marco who England or Sedona and my partner Marco who had just weeks before gotten a job here on the Sunshine Coast, relocated, then had his job terminated in the panic of Covid. On top of that, his dance teaching grinded to a complete stop.


A friend who invited me to join her on a crystal expedition. Thinking I was simply going to spend time catching up with her, I said “yes”. In the lead up to this little road trip, I was so excited and energised; so much so that my partner said something along the lines of “If Crystals make you this happy why don’t we start a Crystal business?” Of course, I immediately dismissed it, thinking I was simply excited to spend time with my friend. However, given Marco’s innate intuitive powers, it should have been a clue, that something was about to change.


I didn't expect to hear the call of these sacred stones again. They stirred me, spoke to me and the urgency of helping them find their guardians to assist with the healing and transformation at this time in history was urgent. I came home with many pieces that had selected me to make them into Meraki Spirit Inspired Jewellery. I also became the guardian of a large piece of Labradorite name George and a large sphere of Blue Apatite named Sedna. Let’s just say George is like Ziba’s CEO!


I had been drawn to crystals before but never like this. Being a Psychic-Medium, your head can get very noisy and crowded with the chatter of the Spirit world, but I never expected it to be noisy and crowded with the chatter of Crystals.  Why after all these years was I suddenly aware of the call of Crystals?  It was simple, with all the shifts occurring in the world at this point in history, we have never needed the healing energies of the sacred stones more than we do now.

Marco and I founded Ziba Crystals (which means Beautiful Crystals in Persian), taking our savings, and as scary as it was, investing it as a way of helping these sacred energy healers do their work. The call of the crystals for me was more than a Business venture, it was a calling to find the right crystal that had a destiny to place a key role in holding space, and transforming energy at this point in time.


Many crystals are sleeping, overwhelmed and burnout absorbing the energy of their mining, transportation, environment etc. They are sometimes artificially beautiful through dye infusions, heat treatments and resin, but they are inactive. These were not the ones talking. It was the hidden ones, the plain ones, the wounded ones, the forgotten ones that got my attention. This is why a crystal expedition for me takes many long hours over many days. I must hear the call of the crystal first then start the conversation about what it needs to do at this point in time. You may laugh at me, but even the crystal chips are hand selected. I don’t ever buy on price, I accept the price once the connection with the crystal is made. So the crystals we stock may not be the cheapest or the shiniest, but they are beautiful, alive and ready to work with their guardians.



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