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What Gifts, Blessings and Opportunities does 2023 hold for You?

I don't know about you but I will certainly be glad to see the back of 2022! As I predicted, it was going to be a tough one where themes around  health,  finances, relationships and family would focus heavily!


Given my near death experience and my dad's cancer journey, this year has be a rough one.... but it has also been a year where I have had to revisit my priorities, my relationships with people, health, finances, family and indeed, most importantly myself. Although it was a hard year, it was also a year that polished me. Given all that unfolded this year, I would say        that I was spot on about all I predicted in 2022!


What does 2023 hold for us?

2023 is being coined a YEAR OF LEARNING and SELF DISCOVERY

It is a year that will invite you on an inner voyage to answer the deeper questions that at times haunt us...

'Who Am I?', 'Why Am I Here?'... you know the bigger picture stuff!

There are many gifts, blessings and opportunities that will present for people in 2023 but the key will be to be informed and ready to hear the whispers (not loud screams) calling you. It will be a year where support will be essential in order to avoid feeling the void of aloneness, loneliness and disconnection. This is a year for introspection, meditation, and spiritual development. It’s also a good time for mentoring, healing, or therapy and anything else that allows you deep personal growth.  

As such I am gearing up to offer greater support to people in 2023, such as my RISE Monthly Membership, so that they can reap the blessings of the opportunities and gifts that may at times come wrapped in shitty circumstances.


These sessions will be approximately 60mins-75mins long and can be recorded (on your own devices).

The cost of these insightful 12 month psychic readings is $275 with limited availability.


These are the ONLY dates and times I will be opening for these 12month Psychic Readings,

so please ensure to book early to avoid missing out!


Request Your Booking Time

Thanks for registering your preferred time for your 2023 Psychic Reading.

Someone will SMS you to confirm your booking time and arange payment.

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