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What does the Universe want to tell me about 2023?

Resolutions, Goals, Intentions and Manifesting are all pointless and/or exhausting at times if you don't know which way the universe wants to take you this year. You see, we each have energy cycles which hold certain themes and opportunities each year. You can attempt to swim upstream, against the current, your can opt to use sheer force and pave your own pathway or you can hitch a ride and let the universal energy do most the work!


You see each year (metaphorically speaking) we receive a set of keys to specifics doors that unlock opportunities, blessings and gifts we need to make 2023 the most fruitful year it can be, a year aligned with our souls evolution, expansion and growth. So instead of wasting time or becoming disheartened by knocking on doors that aren't supposed to open or missing out of opportunities and blessings that have your name on them this year, why not find out what 2023 has on offer for you?

A 2023 Psychic Quickie is perfect if you want an overview of the year ahead, the blessings, challenges, opportunities that exist for YOU! 

You will get personalised psychic guidance for 2023  via email (approximately 400 words) within 3 business days (after payment is received) that will assist you access all that 2023 has for you!

I look forward to assisting you with a Psychic Quickie, which will provide clarity, direction and guidance for 2023.

If you want a more in-depth month by month analysis and overview then take advantage of the the appointments available in January for a 12month Psychic Reading ($275) Click Here

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  • One question sent via the website

  • Answers are approx 350-500 words.

  • Estimated question response is 3 business days once payment received. 

  • Payment by credit card or paypal.

Promo Special: $75 (save $25)

Samantha Gillard
is renowned internationally for her genuine, accurate and heartfelt readings and transformational   healings. She has clients who rave about her all over the world.

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