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F#cked up shit happens to everyone! Ultimately it is inevitable if we are to grow, evolve and find a deeper sense of ourselves.

When the shit storms of life arrive on our doorstep arrives, battering and at times ravaging the landscape of our lives, It can leave us feeling battered, broken, disillusioned and exhausted.

“In some ways suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning”
Viktor E. Frankl, 

We all have weather systems, be them storms, cyclones or tsunamis enter our lives and forever alter the landscape of our life. Maybe it is the loss of a loved one, or perhaps loss of identity, redundancy or job loss, maybe its divorce or separation or perhaps it’s an accident or diagnosis of illness. Whatever your weather system, your life is forever altered. Whilst you may feel powerless, incredible power exists to use this as a catalyst to completely transform your life.

Initially we feel powerless at the mercy of something we don’t understand. We are bruised, battered and disillusioned… but above all else we hurt so deeply at times that even breathing seems too hard. But everything you'll ever need to make the necessary changes is available to you and inviting you to the next level.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a place where you know longer recognise your life or who you are within it. It would be my privilege and honour to support you through this transformational journey and bring you back to you the real you.


SAMANTHA  psychic medium | master healer | teacher | mentor

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MARCO  therapeutic massage | reiki master | dance teacher