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Welcome to my website


There YOU are, welcome to my webpage beautiful soul!


It is no coincidence that you have found yourself here and I know with absolute certainty that we were meant to connect at this time. I also know that YOU are someone with a huge heart, sensitive soul and so much untapped potential! This is a safe space where you have the freedom to be YOU, without judgement, criticism or fear.

I have devoted my life to supporting people from across the world, from all walks of life, to transform trauma, grief, limiting beliefs, fear and physical dis-ease through mentoring and retreats and Psychic Mediumship readings.  Assisting people just like you, clear the blockages, untangle the karmic ties, awaken their potential, super charge their self-worth and tap into the unique gifts that only you have. You see, there are no accidents in this world, you are meant to be here, because you have a special destiny which only you alone can carry out! YOU, my soul friend, have unique gifts to share with the world…. And let’s be honest you’ve been making the world wait a little too long!

I know first hand that change can be scary! Ultimately it is inevitable if we are to grow, evolve and find a deeper sense of ourselves and the true meaning of life. Too often in life we settle for the familiar, somewhere between mediocre and struggle street simple because we know it so well.  We fear, and ultimately try to avoid the feelings associated with change… uncertainty, trepidation, grief and loss, lack of control and fear of the unknown (to name but a few).

We trade our destiny for the familiarity of our comfort zone, our passion for the illusion of certainty and our dreams for the emptiness that becomes the unspoken void in our heart. We tell ourselves that we are happy, content, and living life, when the reality is that we are vastly disconnected, discontent and silently longing for our world to be different.​

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a place where you know longer recognise your life or who you are within it. Perhaps you’ve reach a crossed road and are unsure which way to head. Perhaps you’ve simply been led here because it is time for YOUR LIFE to expand and YOUR FULL POTENTIAL to awaken. Whatever the reason we’ve connected, it would be my privilege and honour to support you through this transformational journey and bring you back to the real you.

As a welcome gift please click the button on the left and enjoy a free reading for guidance, clarity and inspiration, just for connecting with me here.

Blessings & Love 


SAMANTHA  psychic medium | master healer | teacher | mentor

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MARCO  therapeutic massage | reiki master | dance teacher



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